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  1. I suppose that my replies were evidential I made many replies What specificaly do you not understand about the particular EvidentailReply that you suppose souold have been present Thanks
  2. I said no Do not bother me I am very busy Talk about something else Thanks
  3. You keep saying the samething Just be against it Defend your self Be correct So you shall none be to blame if something auful happens
  4. What are there symtoms Ifbe being i can assist there illness or if sickness I agree I am also against rockets and airplans So you suppose it is not a lie and there is holes in the OzoneLayer You need to specificaly explain your supposings Be more specific every time
  5. That be irrelevant There are two type of replies I explained myself in the past Suppose
  6. What do you suppose about the RepyAspect
  7. Yoy still do not uderstand Your reply was to me about my reply to mallinia You should have repied indirectly useing FastReply at the end of the application
  8. Replies be variable Reply specificaly about the post directly or indirectly It be respective
  9. There is no hole in the OzoneLayer it be a hateful lie The atmosphere would have scattered out to space
  10. There none be any ice on mars because it is not cold in space YouKnow that the reason there is ice at the south and north poles of the globe is cause the ice be generated from the planets core It be the cores energy that produces the generation the effects the water and so the water freezes and becomes ice Mars does not have any clouds so there is no water Suppose about it Give some time Thanks
  11. You say no and not explain why I explain why if i say no or yes and if decision Thanks
  12. AllRight suppose about this Gravity can not support some quaities in the globe so these gases once again scatter variabley If not for the OzoneLayer so no containment About the MarsWaterAspect Clouds transform into WaterRain and clouds be in the SkyAtmosphere so if no OzoneAtmosphereContainment there is no clouds Thanks
  13. Yes it does It also contains the atmosphere because the atmosphere shall scater away into space if it shall none obtain that ContainivePrinciple
  14. What do you suppose the OzoneLayer be fore
  15. Astrology


    What do you suppose about the parts that be being ingedients of physics like gravity Thanks
  16. That be irrelevant because it none be strong enough to manage the atmosphereive sustainance only the OzoneLayer can contain it and keep it in the relevant arrange
  17. AllRight Still the OzoneLayer contains the atmosphere Suppose about it the atmosphere and everything about it would variably scater into space
  18. A atmosphere be for life as we know that and so basively that be being correct and i like that If other planets had a atmosphere life would start there too Do you agree
  19. If no ozone so no atmosphere factualy The gases that be being the vapor specificaly be moving around i understand and though the atmosphere be being the oxigen hydrogen clouds be a very good example that be being a vapor and exectra Suppose about the vaporive aspect for some reason i suppose it be being important
  20. I am SigningOut like there is NoTomorrow Tomorrow i shall continue though Later Thanks
  21. Because the atmosphere contains the clouds that be a very good example and so the clouds be a vapor and it transforms into water a liquid and be called rain though So that be the only reason for the presence of water
  22. Well i do not know what to say Thanks Later
  23. I suppose that that be erelevant because i know all about that aspect that be about the MarsWaterConcept it was developed to start a atmosphere on mars that would form water and exectra and so anyway it still be being a lie that there is water on mars and lies do not get things done and cause disorders
  24. I understand You answered no to your question I supposed you answered my question
  25. Well it does not even have a OzoneLayer so there is no atmosphere What do you suppose about that
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