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  1. Consciousness directs matter. 'consciousness' allows our material world to exist - would anything exist if we didn't have consciousness to see it? Basically our consciousness can manipulate what we beleive to be reality.
  2. I can't find any evidence that conciousness comes from physical matter, only that it directs it.
  3. Sorry if you didn't understand! Im sure its more plausable for a 'consiousness' to manifest compared to physical matter.
  4. Thanks Dave, If I'm understanding things correctly, are you saying that matter is contracting through our universe, and particles which are expanding and reversing are connecting to one another creating our (reality) universe, which would suggest this universe is built on various parrallels, or is it that the fluxuating particles collided as they travelled back and forth (possible even just 1 particle of matter on different parrallels) and uItimately caused the big bang as they smashed into each others path? I guess the fluxuating matter explains the size scale of the universe - see a good example here -http://www.onemorelevel.com/game/scale_of_the_universe_2012 But some kind of energy would be required for the matter to be active or moving in whatever state it is, so where did this energy come from?
  5. The word "nothing" is part of our language that we use for description. As I mentioned we do not have a language yet to describe the principles of the content of this theory. There have been plenty of documentries on "Reality" and how it could be possible that we are living in an illusion that is produced from our brains. Try watching "What is Reality" by Horizon on the BBC, or any of Hawkings latest programmes where he also hints on the matter from time to time. Maybe you should look at it with an open mind rather than mocking other peoples point of view.
  6. I don't think anything can just appear from nothing I'm affraid, that is why it's easier for me to beleive that our universe is just an illusion from our mind/soul. When you say dreamer - I was implying that the "nothing" is possibly creating an energy or force (theres not actually a word in our language that can describe this as it is more of an emotion than a physical reaction) that has no limits to what it can actually be, therfore creating a mind that is essentially us. Do you not think its a bit of a coincidence that we are all living smack bang in the middle of time, where we can see where we've come from but have the insight to see where we may be going. Thanks for replying.
  7. I can't get to grips with what came first - why was there a big bang and what caused it. If all matter was compressed into a very small area in the "begining" where did it come from, where did the first ever gas or matter come from? There must be some intelligence in the design of the universe. Look at our world, all living things have been designed through evolution to live successfully in whatever environment they live in. Therefore, I have a theory that absolutely nothing in the universe exists, and the energy that is produced from being a state of "nothing" creates an intelligence or soul that has the ability to create an illusion of a living universe and fantasise what living would be like. Like a dream. We are that intelligence or soul, so the world that we see is our interpretation of what could be possible. Basically our minds find the answers from what seems to work best. That is why we study problems and the bigger the question the longer we take to find an answer. We are the same soul split into millions of beings experiencing living. We may not even be seeing the same world from one another. It's very hard to explain as we don't have a language that can describe this yet. But I believe we are so far away from actually knowing anything about our existence. We can only guess. I beleive this theory can also provide answers to many of our "Big questions". Does anybody else think this could be possible?
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