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  1. Hey guys!!! Just joined this forum looking for a little help, seeing as how im not great at science. but I am looking for a career in computer science, and i was wondering if there was anyone who could point me in the direction of starting a course which i could learn on my own at home. I am still in highschool, but definetly enjoy messing with computers and learning new things. if anyone could help me with where to start it be a great help! -slaamin
  2. so our science teacher has given us what she says is the most important assignment of the year...a science project of our choosing. After deciding to do a rocket experiment on how large of a rocket it takes to mover a 5 pound object x amount of yards, I decide to google a few things about rockets. I then find i dont know anything, and that "rocket science" is actually kinda complicated 0.0...if theres anyone who can help describe to me in easy terms the basics behind rockets, how the work, what its going to take to move a object, and so on so forth, I could really use some help.
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