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  1. hey all i was wondering is there any sustance or element out there that expands when it comes in contact with acid like some sort of silly string or something, any thoguhts? thanx
  2. crazyness, i thoguht it was just one big bone, oh how wrong i was
  3. i herd somewhere that when i grl becomes pregnat, her hips grow apart to acomadate the baby inside, does this really happen? if so how, i thoguht the pelvis was one big bone that once puberty hit, it was just about done growing. and does it shrink after cause if it didnt, wouldnt that mean all mothers should have 40" thighs?
  4. hey i was thinking...vineger..bakeing soda....= lots of gas ...what to put it in though...
  5. you all raise valed points, i wasnt really thinking of expaneding the stmoac, just filling it up all the way. and the reason i thought about the ballon idea is beacuse once it gets to a sertin point its really hard to keep in a burp. plus it would be a really funny practical joke to give it to someone then have there stomac swell up and make em look pregnat or something, lmao imposable to hide
  6. thanks a bunch yt2095 give but would sodium bicarb give off alot of co2? (i know the amount of acid is a factor), thanx
  7. thenewmadmax

    co2 help

    hey guys and or girls, i am max im 16 and i live in ontario canada. i was woundering if any of you could help me out with a little idea i have. (sorry for the spelling mistakes in advance) i know pop has caron dioxide which when in your stomac will make you burp. my friend whet in for a xray of his stomac and they gave him some stuff that was rich in carbon dioxide or bicarbonates or something that yielded alot of carbon dioxide gas to fill up his stumac so it could get xrays then he lat out a huge burp and it went away so i was thinking what is there that yields alot of carbon dioxide or other expanding gases. thats the first part of my idea, part two once there is alot of gas you will burp, now i was wondering is there some way of holding in the gas for a extended period of time. i was thinking, make some sort of pill that the outside is made of some expanding ballon like somastane that is non toxic and biodigradable (otherwise edable) then have the middle quite potant co2 or yielding substance (or other co2 like gas like natuarl gas) so that somehow (im not sure how) it would react with the stomacs 'atmosphere' and expand, your stumach would fill up with the ballon till it is very full/large and under conciderable psi seeing that the outside couting would not let the gas escape for a while (target time would be 5-15 minutes) till it gets eatin away enough by acid to pop and let all the gas out makeing a quite funny big burp. this seems rediculesly hard but it would be really really cool, not just the burping factor but also haveing a temperary "pot-belly" i was wondering if any of you could help me fiqure out how to both (or just one would be helpful) find away to put a large portion of gas in your tummy and and some way to harness it. any help whatsoever or even ideas/sagestions whould be greatly greatly aprciated, thank you very much, max
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