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  1. Facebook provides the API which can be accessed with various languages. The facebook 'like' button on some website uses the same API which the sims game is using.
  2. That depends on what you're after. Are you going to develop your own proprietary plugin technology?
  3. Programming itself has nothing to do with usability. It does not involve the user in any way. I am sorry if you do not realize the difference between game programming and game design.
  4. Yes, but it is much more about programming rather then games.
  5. Yep, all my questions have been answered, thanks everybody! Plus I got some keywords from Ringer's post for later study on the subject.
  6. No, what I meant is that on the stage of creating the database you will not be able to apply emotions to certain entries, which may influence the future response.
  7. Thanks for your clarifications! It all makes much more sense now. iNow, not sure why you had to switch it to my family tree instead of cows Well, I did not mean myself in that case, but my genes store information about the exact location where my arm needs to be developed. So does it mean that all the adaptation, for example when species are introduced to a new habitat is based on completely random mutations which will then be sorted out by natural selection?
  8. To be honest me and most of my friends already had some CS knowledge before starting the course. However we all found the first year really boring because it was all about beginners stuff. Usually all the courses are aimed at people who don't know much about programming, so I think you should be fine. Another question is - do you really want to do it? It can be crazy interesting if you are really into the subject, but it can be crazy boring as well if its not your thing. I think this is what you need to consider the most.
  9. So there is no way an eye (or genes, or the creature - all metaphorical) can 'know' that the screen should be transparent? And while I am here, I always wanted to know if this is true - they used to say that if you take a cow and pull its left eye off, then pull its cub's left eye off, then its cub's cub's eye off and so on and so on.. Eventually over a number of generations you will get a cow with only one right eye. Do you think it could be true? Does it mean that genes have an influence from external conditions?
  10. Oh, I remember my assignments.. At least they let you chose the topic! I'd rather make some game or a suicide booth analog from futurama. Use your imagination
  11. If you decided to study CS because you were inspired by video games - I think you've chosen the wrong field. Programmers in the video game industry don't do much (or even anything) that is relevant to the game except for the code. Perhaps you should have chosen a game design course? That's where you get to create a game, relying on the existing code. But it is more centered around the aspects of the game such as - storyline, AI, game mechanics, game world, etc.
  12. What is your current degree? (I assume you are from United States)
  13. Don't want to break it for you, but we re light years away from even completely understanding how a brain works, leave lone creting a software that would simulate the processes. And again, as was mentioned earlier it is not as much about the database of information, but more of the way to make decisions based on this information. Plus, bear in mind that not all types of information that may influence your decisions can be 'taken down' stuff like emotions are currently only available to living creatures.
  14. I do realize that it takes a lot of generations for the actual changes to occur. Do you mean there was a process of trial and error with a transparent and completely non-transparent screen that took place?
  15. Thanks for a great video and a great point!

    My question however was more about the ability of the creature to 'know' that the lens should be transparent and how does this 'decision' happen.

    And I just have to ask this – did you speed up the frame rate towards the end of the video, the slime looked really energetic in the last half.

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