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  1. And a number of scholarly articles have been posted that indicate evidence of inbreeding leading to higher proportions of helpful and positive recessive genes in the inbred population; and here's an article showing that outbreeding leads to higher proportions of harmful and negative recessive genes in the outbred population: http://www.mendelweb.org/Mendel.html.
  2. This thread should be renamed "inflammatory and provocative hand-waiving to detract, just a version of the red-herring fallacy". Looks like it's never been published.
  3. I happen to be gay and a stalker, and the only thing offensive here is the assumption that calling someone a "gay stalker" is somehow "negative" or "derogatory", or a "slur", or a manifestation of "prejudice". That assumption implies the bigoted notion that something is wrong with being a gay stalker.
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