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  1. Hello, I have an offer from university to study Computer Science. I like it a lot but sometimes I struggle horribly too and get very frustrated. Sometimes even shut the laptop and get away from problems... However, there is another thing: I lack practice and knowledge horribly because I did not have any IT classes available in my town's school and got an insight into programming only recently. What make me sad is that I know very little: usually people who study CS are already knowledgeable and has a lot of experience in advance before starting a degree. The course structure is here: http://www.sheffield.ac.uk/prospectus/courseDetails.do?id=4839362012 ------> Modules They start from Java which I found notoriously difficult and to be honest wanted turn off my brain and just sleep for 10 hours. Because whole Object-oriented stuff overwhelmed me. I tried thenewboston tutorials which shed some light but all the stuff just made feel dumb. I could not even configure eclipse in like 30 mins lol. Now I know you are going to ask why I would to study this stuff? Because I got pissed by medical school where I had to intake millions of Latin words and write the test...Boring. Also people are not my territory and all the students were completely different - extroverts, optimists unlike me, and did not even think it is bad to have their creativity being sucked out. I felt this and I decided to get out of that madness. Is it going to be different in CS? I know that there are only a lot of problems to solve and cool stuff to learn. Did anyone got in to university without ant prior experience in programming? If so, how much time was needed to become equal with people who had some skills in advance? thank you
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