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  1. All right. On the negative energies not agree! Therefore, changing the question. Casimir effect will work in geometry which is in my first post? More Casimir gap, between the dielectric layer.
  2. This is a futile debate. I have given enough evidence, but you are holding just one sentence. If you have interest, the Internet is a lot dvôkazov. You do not want to answer my question than the adjusted negative energy. That end of the debate. Goodbye. End.
  3. I still say the negative energy from the Casimir effect as a matter quntum physics. And if I missed my question from negative energy. And asked whether the Casimir effect work in this geometry?
  4. I think it's tired. Why do you read the fine print that was my post not you go get those URLs and nezamislíš over the fact that the expansion zrýcluje. Have Einstein predicted that the universe must be negative energy.
  5. Read this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exotic_matter Negative energy can not be hypothetical because it is responsible for the expansion of the universe. If not universe would be turned into a big black hole. Dark - negative energy is 70 percent of the universe. And you read this http://en.wikipedia....i/Negative_mass carefully.
  6. Negative energy is normal in casimir effectt If negative energy dos not exist space not exist! In the all calculations energy produced by fission, fusion, pair production etc. etc. we can just see positive energy this is for me egal. I interes about casimir effect. Will be the following geometry to generate negative energy?
  7. It is not interested 200* or 1* . I know 10e-9 m is 10 nm. Will be the following geometry to generate negative energy?
  8. what dos it mean if you can answer normal then you will silence !
  9. Good day. Will be the following geometry to generate negative energy? Thank you Goodbye. ____________________________________ Mg 1e-6m ____________________________________ Bi 1e-6 Vacuum gap 10e-9 m Casimir effct ____________________________________ BI ____________________________________ Mg . And so on 200 * . . . V
  10. Good day. If we use more gaps in the Casimir effect and the width of one gap is 1e-9 m. And the distance between gaps is 1e-6 m, Casimir will work Thank you. Would. GAP1 ---------------------------- Gap2 | | ------------------------------------ | | And so on .. ------------------------------ 1e-9 1e-9 m ----------- Between. gaps1e-6m
  11. Hi . If we use meny gap in Casimirov effect and width is 1e-9 m and width between gaps is 1e-6m ,bude casimir effect work? BTW. between gas is dielectric material. Thank. By.
  12. jaiii

    D+T fusiun

    Hello invented how to create nuclear fusion without high temperatures. I think it might run as follows: 1 Create plasma of hydrogen, deuterium and tritium. 2 let in plasma at high pressure into the reaction cylinder is filled in a vacuum. 3 The cylinder over the entire length shall be placed metal electrodes that are powered pulsed high voltage and high frequency. What would cause vibrated a particle collision and start the fusion. Thank you for your comments and opinions. Goodbye.
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