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    Proof of God

    George Rodonaia Near Death Experience This brings us to the case of Dr. George Rodonaia, a Russian Scientist who tried to leave Russia. He came with a Ph.D and an M.D, but had trouble with the KGB. He couldn't get out of Russia. In fact when he tried to get out of Russia, he was purposely run down by a KGB agent, who drove on the sidewalk in order to run him over. This is how he died and where his story begins. George Rodonaia: "As a psychiatrist and a neuropathologist, for me God never existed. I never believed in God. I never believed in the Bible. I never thought about God, the Bible or divinity. In 1976, I was 20 years old, I was already a doctor working in Georgia, Russia. I met a lady from Texas. I tried to leave the country many times. But I didn't have much help. This lady tried to help me and I got in big trouble with the KGB. I worked on "idenotintriphosper", it is a neuron transmitter in our brain. With the conjunction of "Oxitocin", I discovered several things. I was an important scientist and KGB didn't want me to go so they decided to kill me. That is how I got into another dimension of my life. I was standing on the sidewalk, ready to depart to NY, waiting for cab, when a car on the sidewalk hit me. I flew in the air 10 meters, and then the car ran over me. My friends and relative took me to the hospital. The hospital staff, friends of mine and 2 other professors declared me dead. On Friday night, they put me in the morgue, in the freezer. Three days later, they took me out. So on Monday morning they began my autopsy. These 3 days of being out of my body, seeing everything that was happening around, seeing myself, my body, seeing my birth, my parents, my wife, my child, and my friends. I saw their thoughts. I saw what they were thinking, how their thoughts move from one dimension to another. It was incredible experience. I was in darkness, total darkness. The darkness was pressing. This darkness existed not beyond, but it existed within. What I want say is that the darkness was pressing. And I was in the middle of this fear and I did not understand why and how this darkness existed. Where was I? I understood that I didn't have a body because I didn't feel it. Then I saw a light and I went into that light. But the light was so powerful, so burning. You cannot compare it to anything. No words can explain it. The light was so burning, going through flesh. I didn't have a body. That was the most interesting part. And I was scared of the light, I wanted to go into the shade to save myself from this light. What is that light? I don't know. It can be called the light of God, it can be called the light of Life. But light is light and darkness is darkness. As a psychiatrist and scientist, I did not think about that. The only thing was that I was in light. We were not raised in God's way. You know about the Soviet Union, we didn't go to church. There were people who went, but we thought they were some kind of limited people. We thought they didn't know any better that there was no God. But those 3 days of being in the morgue, the freezer, changed all my life. They begin the autopsy, and started to cut open my chest. That was the first incision, then I opened my eyes, and they saw that my pupils were convulsing, getting smaller. When they saw that my eyes were reacting to light they knew I was alive. They put me back to the hospital and began resuscitation. My lungs were collapsed for a long time so I was put on a respirator for 90 days. My recovery did not happen fast, but the life did come back. They discovered was that the life was there during the autopsy, but not all my organs were working. It was hard work for nine month being in recovery, it didn't happen immediately, but the life was there. But the doctors had to help me survive and help me to regenerate my health and organs. When I came back to life, a lot of different experiences had happened. I experienced a lot of rejection, a lot of fighting with others. But nothing could change my mind, I knew my destination, I knew my way. I decided to leave the country, and this lady from Longview Texas helped me move to the United States. We went to Texas and continue to live there today. Sometimes things are beyond our grasps. But I don't try to explain it all because I know and I believe that God knows better. I believe that I don't need to explain everything. But why it was shown to me and why was I chosen? It was a question that I honestly didn't care about. I care that I deeply believe in a God of love and God is love. And I believe God created everything for betterness and for an incredible future if we don't ruin it."
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    Proof of God

    Proof of God through NDE's Donald Whitaker: It was February of 1975, at that time I was an alcoholic out of control. I was also using recreational drugs. But primarily, alcohol was my drug of choice. I was totally out of control. I had a lot of friends in the entertainment business; Ringo Star and a bunch of other people. They were having a TV special on the west coast. Hoight, a friend, had called me and asked me if I would like to go. I told him that I would love to, because I knew there was going to be a lot of booze, and partying. While they were doing their special, I was doing my thing. After about three or four days out there, I became ill. I had severe pain in my abdomen. I flew into Oklahoma city, called a senator friend of mine, and asked him to send a car for me because I was sick. They sent a car and took me home. And I checked into Whatley hospital in Texarkana, Texas in February of 1975. I checked in with electrolytes, which means that the chemicals in my body were so far out of balance that they had to give me IVs to build me up. At that time of my life, I was atheist. I was hard core atheist and was living for myself. Atheists are self-centered, they live for themselves. This is where I found myself in 1975 in my hospital. After 3 days they operated me. Later, I found myself in the intensive care on a respirator, which means it was breathing for me. I couldn't speak. I've been there in a comma. I heard these people talking about how sick I was and how I was going to die and how I wouldn't get out of the hospital. At that time my hair was very long because I just wore my hair long. And I heard one guy say, "My, his hair is long." And another guy said, "Not nearly as long as it is going be before he gets out of here." And the third voice said, "He's not going to get out of here. He's going to die." And after 3 days, I could breathe on my own. I remember my doctor, my surgeon, Dr. Donald Dunkon said to me, "Don, if you have anything to get right, if you have anything to get signed, you get it done because we are not sure how long you have." I knew I had a condition which is that was called Acute hemorrhagic narcotic pancreatitis. You don't live with this disease. You could live with pancreatitis. You could even live with Acute pancreatitis, but you do not live with Acute hemorrhagic narcotic pancreatitis. Dunkon had told my two sons that I would be dead before morning. They didn't expect me to survive. I was laying there, a professed atheist. I didn't believe in God. I believed in the power of the universe because I've seen it. As a physician, I've dealt with life and death. I believed in something, but don't talk me about God. And surely don't talk to me about resurrection, virgin birth or these type of things because I am in research and science. The Majority of PHDs in research and science don't believe in God. They do not believe a supreme being. They are beginning to believe there is an order in the universe because the further along we go, we see the order. It is very easy to be an atheist when you are successful. You have worked your way from Oklahoma welfare to be one of the most powerful men in your part of the country – one of the most powerful men in the state of Oklahoma, politically. It is very easy to be an atheist when you have done all of that. A man could sit back and say "I don't need God. What is God?" But it is very difficult to be an atheist when you are lying on the death bed, because you began thinking "what if these people are right?" There had been one man named Ron Short, that stood between me and the gates of hell. One man had witnessed to me about the love of Jesus for 5 years, before I became ill. I would debate him and I liked him, because he did what he said he was going to do. He was the only one that I saw that profess to be Christian and lived what he said he was going to do. I really respected him. I didn't believe what he said but I respected him. When I was lying on my death bed and knowing that I was going to die, guess who I thought about? I thought, "what if Ron is right? What if there is a Heaven and a Hell." Almost immediately the most pressing thought in my mind is how do I get saved. What is saved? How do I get saved? So I sent people out to get Ron Short. I wanted him to come down because I wanted him to do whatever he had to do. I had no idea how a man hanging on a tree in Israel 2000 years ago could save me. What is that to me? But I knew he had something that I had to have. That night Ron wasn't home, he was in Alabama. So I had people go and get Ron. That night was the longest night that I've had in my entire life, before or since. As I am laying there in bed, I had begun to fade away into darkness. It was so, so dark. It was like the darkness just penetrated into your very being. I can tell you that I left my body because I remember coming back into my body. I don't know where I was out of my body. There are people that talk about a light, or floating above, a feeling of warmth or love. I didn't feel any of that. I felt none of that. I felt untold terror, untold terror. I knew that if I went all the way, if I slipped all the way, I would never get back. In my being of beings I knew that. So I fought all night long. They told me later on that I not only pull the mattress cover off the mattress, I put the mattress upon me. I had to stay, I had to wait till Ron got there. Whatever he had to do, I had to wait. But again when I would leave my body, I would be going down into deep dark terror. My skin began to get cold. Not the kind of cold you feel when you walk out in the air, no, this was bone chilling cold. And I could feel the coldness began to come up my legs. Again I would begin to leave my body and would be in the darkness, in that void. I remember one time entering back my body, I felt my body thud, my physical body thud. Believe me, believe me, that was the most horrifying terrifying experience that I had ever encountered. I fought all night long. The next morning around 9:30 or 10 o'clock, Ron came in. He said, "Dr. Whitaker, what do they say are your chances?" I said, "Ron, they tell me I have none." He said, "Now is the time." I said, "You're right." Before, I had cursed him, I had spit on him, but now it was the time because I had to have whatever he had. I had a short period of time left on earth and I didn't have any idea when I might make that trip and go all the way. At that time Ron simply led me in a sinner's pray. I had no idea what a sinner's prayer was, but I trusted Ron. He led me through the sinner's prayer and told me that Jesus had died for my sins. He had died for the sins of the world. I didn't quite understand that. He showed me in the word of God where that was written. You have to understand that I am a man of books. I've spent big part of my life, 25 or 26 years of life in books, all types of scientific books. I have degrees in Chemistry, all the way up to medicine doctor to practical medicine. He told me and I believed him because it said so in this book. It was a new book to me, it was called Bible. I had Ron lead me, and I said the sinner's prayer. I can tell you one thing, there was a peace that came over me like I have never known. I've searched for that peace in the bottles, alcohol, needles, drugs, and women. I've searched for it in all type of places. But there was no peace in my life. But once I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior, I was no longer afraid. I still believed I was going to die because I knew the condition I had, and you don't survive it. I knew that, I am a physician. I knew what I had you did not survive. Ron showed me in the word of God where it says, "These signs shall follow those that believe. They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover." (Mark 16:18) I walk around on planet earth this day, taking no insulin, taking no enzymes, eating whatsoever I want, and everyday God produces in my body the correct material for me to function without having to take medication. When you see blind eyes open, you see the cripples walk, you see the leprosy cleansed, and you see them with your own eyes, then it doesn't take a rocket science to figure out that Bible is true.
  3. THE EDUCATION DECEPTION What’s wrong with the system? It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the world’s system doesn’t work. Many countries have a westernized educational system that has now been established for many years, where governments spend untold millions of dollars to educate each new generation. Through the education system, people are made to form opinions based on what the system teaches them, and are taught not just what to think, but how to think. The goal being this - to conform the person through the system, to become an educated ‘drone’, for they do not want a people who are independent, but conformed to the system. This means creating a people subject to rules rather than to common sense. Throughout different nations, this is achieved through powerful and corrupt conspirators who are gradually increasing their purposes in the world and infiltration of society through influential sectors to form a One World Government. The key influential sector through which people are distracted by is the education system which is presented to them as a “good” and “the right thing” through the use of fine sounding and logical arguments. The main purpose of education should be to make a person a competent thinker whereby they can attain independence through that competence and therefore make a difference in the world for improvement. However the mainstream education system is rigged in order to turn human beings that can think for themselves and be independent into graduated robotic slaves for the purpose of distracting them from the truth and to be mentally conformed so that powerful and corrupt conspirators (Governments) can achieve their goals through them on the planet (which goals are control of the masses). Basically the whole system is designed in a way to get people to serve them. This is why it is the governments and not the teachers that make the educational policies. When people prioritize their submission to any ruler over personal freedom and independence (not ‘democratic’ independence) they are then weakened in the ability to become truly independent – that is, to have the freedom to be an individual, free from the requirements of the system. The non-democratic ‘enforced’ education system produces a people who are always learning, but never seem to come to a true knowledge of truth. How this is all achieved: How the Education System takes control of the masses: Through each successive generation, people have become ‘dumber and dumber’, (failing to perceive not only the illogicality of the system but the essence of any truth) as the students grow in an ever-increasing and ever-changing environment, that prioritizes the economy and education, or getting a career. This achieved in the world through the following formula: "A combination of deception + restriction + distraction (through time wasting methods) in order to create a foolish, weakened, dependent and deluded people for the sole purpose of control" This formula is achieved through the education system in the following ways: DECEPTION: Deception is achieved through the following means: No synthesis between and within subjects: Synthesis is the ability to understand how parts of a given thing connect or relate with each other into the whole system so that you can then effectively produce or create the very thing for which any given thing exists. For example synthesis in music is understanding how notes, rhythm and instruments connect or communicate with each other so that one can then on their own initiative write their own music or play an instrument. School subjects are taught in such a way where only the most basic concepts of a subject are taught without any synthesis to the other parts that make up that subject or its relation to other subjects. Students are not taught how to integrate these pieces together in order to attain an understanding about how different things work together to produce an end result. The result is basic knowledge of separate subjects whereby it is useless. Here are a few examples of what I mean: Geometry and technics are taught separately at a basic level and without any synthesis between the two subjects so that you don’t understand how to build a house for instance. The result is further education to get a job so that you then get a mortgage, where you work 30 years of your life to pay off a house that would only cost $10,000 to build, if you had learned bricklaying for about a week instead of years of unnecessary technical study etc. Music is taught in such a way where only basic concepts are taught, such as learning a few notes, singing a few songs, clapping to rhythms etc… but you are not taught how to play an instrument properly or how to write your own music which could prove useful later in life. Likewise this is why you have students who have been learning French at school for 4 years and can’t even speak the language making it useless. Without synthesis, any knowledge learnt becomes pointless or without any real usefulness and is therefore ineffective. Education over wisdom: Emphasis and recognition is given to being educated rather than to being wise. The two are not the same. Education is knowledge and sometimes useless knowledge. Wisdom is the right application of true knowledge to bring about the right result. This is why there are so many educated fools who may have a college education with well-paying jobs but have no understanding about individuality or what life is all about or who get themselves into a lifetime of debt, or even go into debt to get a college degree, when that money could have been spent on something more useful like an apartment etc..... Credentials over true knowledge: The system is designed to run on superficial knowledge presented in the form of attaining certificates (pieces of paper) and not on true knowledge which is subject to what one really knows, regardless of certificates, because true knowledge knows how to cut through control measures. This is why in interviews emphasis is given on how many certificates you posses and what you really know is overlooked. Naturalism: Much of education is guided by naturalism. This means that students are conformed to a mindset where anything outside of this limited understanding doesn’t exist, and that what the system teaches people is all there is, and surely people who are ‘experts’ are always correct. Since the prevailing assumption of the education system is naturalism, people are influenced to believe that the world’s system (get a career, mortgage, keep the ‘feel-good’ factor high, etc) is all there is. People are dissuaded from asking questions such as: “Who am I” “What is the meaning of life” “Why am I here” The main lie is conforming people to believe that the whole reason for being alive therefore is to make money through a good education, and obtain material goods so that you live a comfortable lifestyle – after all you deserve it as you have worked so hard so that you can get something that isn’t guaranteed. This is achieved by playing on the natural selfishness already inherent in mankind. Questions like, ‘Why should I get a mortgage for 30 years to pay for a $300,000 house which costs only $10,000 to build are often looked upon with disdain by ‘experts’, and much conjecture is given in response to these questions. However, people in Eastern Europe have shown the system doesn’t make sense, as they build their luxury houses for 15,000 Euros, and don’t even have to work more than a few hours a month. Deception in books: Most school subjects taught aren’t real knowledge but ultimately irrelevant information. Imposed text books are often written by people who are themselves blinded by the system. Much information taught through textbooks isn’t accurate information but contains purposely engineered inaccuracies and suppressed truth for the sake of financial gain and political correctness etc.. Unnecessary prolongation of studies: Much learning is prolonged through the unnecessary repetition of already learned facts. For example, grammar can be taught in 6 months (non-intensively), and it takes about a few weeks if taught intensively. However, the curriculum is designed in such a way whereby a series of grammar books will be imposed as part of a curriculum spread over a 4 year course. In this way students are kept at school longer (more tuition fees) and text book writers make more profit selling their 4 part book series that have to be completed over 4 years (much of which is repeated information) rather than containing all the information in one book. This is time wasting especially for a person that doesn’t even have plans to pursue a career related to a certain subject. RESTRICTION: Restriction is achieved through the following means: Mind control through pre-set rules: Since the goal is to produce graduated robots devoid of human independence and rationality, people are therefore programmed like computers to think in a certain way through preset rules. The program is to get people to accept certain beliefs as true without even considering if they could be false. This is achieved through reward and punishment. It goes something like this: The only answer allowed to the following question is “blue”. So “What color is the (green) chalkboard? Blue, because every other possible or truthful answer has been ruled off limits from the start. If the rules have been preset then many correct or true answers have been pre-eliminated and if you don’t answer blue, then you are made to appear as a non-conformist or weird by the standards of the system. This is contradictory to true learning which seeks to explore truth through many different means. Mind control means less freedom in interpretation and openness to other options. The NWO understand that a person can only interpret or operate in the boundaries of the permitted freedom given to them, so these boundaries are created by the educational system to restrict peoples motivation for seeking something beyond what is taught by the educational system. As a result, people have become more and more literalistic in their understanding of things; expect literalistic interpretations from others, becoming devoid of any rationality in the process. Mind Control – how this is achieved: They (the Global Elite) are trying to create a people without: • Rationality • Common Sense • Reasonability • Sensibility • Independent analytical thinking • Natural emotion They are trying to create a people who: • Can’t think for themselves outside the confines of the system • Who are politically correct • Socialistic • Conformists • Defiant of anything that opposes the politically correct system. OPPRESSION: Students are oppressed by being restricted and robbed of time they could use to seek quality knowledge, truth and their own interests through the following means: Students are often oppressed by being made to participate in a curriculum they often may not want to or have no say in. If they don’t, it affects their grades. Much of what they are made to participate in is not only meaningless but it denies them the opportunity to learn what they really want to and is useful to them. Many adults seem not to take into account that they do not pursue interests or hobbies they are not interested in, as this would make no sense and be time-wasting, yet they impose and expect students to do so. Oppression through unnecessary workloads. More and more useless assignments are given as one progresses through high school, which don’t really teach anything useful. Enforcement of irrelevant and involuntary subjects. Students are made to take up difficult subjects such as advanced maths and chemistry in order to get the grades needed to pursue a career that doesn’t even require knowledge of such subjects, such as law. Those that don’t enjoy a particular subject are made to learn it. This high-pressure system deceives one into thinking that they have to get a high mark to compete to make excessive money in corrupt professions. The ratio of number of students made to do difficult subjects like chemistry, with the number of students that actually end up pursuing careers in such areas bears witness to the fact that this oppression is unnecessary. Quality of information has been sacrificed for quantity of information. Much of what is taught or imposed on students through assignments is random, (especially if a teacher is being underpaid) meaningless and therefore useless, information. These non-strategic teaching methods mean more time wasting and more repeating the same facts. This unnecessary overloading and devaluation of real information has turned intellectual ambition into apathy. Except for genuinely lazy students, most students are not at fault when they lack useful thinking skills. They are not being held back by their own laziness, but by direct oppression from a system with the power to punish them or put a bad mark on their reports if they don’t give up their individual pursuits of knowledge or interests in favor of hollow, superficial and useless schoolwork. Wrong criteria separation: Students are not separated according to abilities and interests, but by age. This means that intelligent, diligent or well behaved students are put in the same class with disruptive, or disinterested ones, often of less academic ability. Separating students on the wrong criteria and forcing them to do subjects they do not want to do, restricts those that do want to learn because the less capable and disinterested students misbehave meaning that they not only waste the others time, but slow down their progress. Human rights and political correctness: Due to political correctness and human rights, teachers are now very limited in their methods of discipline and in what they can teach. They are forced to teach some things, and not allowed to teach others things. Both teachers and students have to suffer when the idiotic and delinquent minority ruins it for the rest. In an effort to be politically correct, multicultural and eclectic to teach students a global viewpoint, the curriculum has become even shallower. The world’s ways of political correctness, friendliness, and human rights is a hindrance and preventing anything that is right and true from being released and accomplished in the world. The real purpose of these things is to suppress people’s ability to speak out against any injustice or corruption. In this way people miss out on what is important, right and true because they have been subject to a system that has conformed them in such a way whereby they are afraid of upsetting anyone or going contrary to the flow believing this is the right thing. Political correctness isn’t the language of common-sense but the language of a world seeking to protect their selfishness, through a corrupted form of pseudo-righteousness. Wrong criteria separation leads to a breakdown of the system and its components because equality and political correctness then has to be maintained by dragging up the slow learners and disinterested students at the expense of the smart ones. As a result, those that really want to learn and progress are put under further oppression and stress whereby they have to study extra hours to compensate for time wasted in school. DISTRACTION (through time wasting methods): Student’s strength, energy, vitality and precious time is eroded by the wasteful components of the school curriculum. Much in school concerns extra curriculum activities such as camps, drama, football, basketball, games, student council meetings etc… which could be time spent on real world activities instead of being wasted on these trivial things. This overload and distraction only prevents students from finding the valuable time to learn anything they have learnt well enough so that they can then apply it! The Result Due to all these factors, academic, social, financial and intellectual dysfunction results for students, parents and teachers causing them to be dependent upon the system and isolated from the real world, each believing they need to do what the others say: Parents do what the teachers tell them, Teachers do what the Government tells them, the Government do what the IMF / Federal Reserve / Corporations (who give them the money to run the country) tell them. Students believe they need to do what the parents and the teachers tell them etc etc etc… The whole thing is a circle of prestige, flattery, and a form of deluded ‘honor’ of others, at the cost of individual independence etc, without anyone actually questioning the system, of if they do it is in a superficial way. People need to ask – why is every western government so committed to spending on education, even at the cost of going into billions of dollars worth of debt, when the average cost of educating someone is less than about $5* using a modern computer system to teach instead of schools – it is because the education system conforms. If people learned for themselves this would produce the opposite effect, people would not only become educated very quickly, but also learn true individuality at the same time. *(a CD costs only about 60cents, and the software after it is written costs $0.00, one CD could store 1000s of times the information needed to pass a college degree, and written properly, exams for could be learnt and completed in less than a month, or even a week for some subjects*, except highly advanced subjects such as micro-biology etc, which could effectively take no more than two months to learn!) *For example: Mathematics – this consists of simple things to learn – which take NO TIME to learn! • Fractions • Algebra • Decimals • Multiplication • Division • Square roots • Geometry • Squares, cubes, etc Each one of these things consists of simple formulas – EASILY LEARNED IN ONE DAY ! However the Government has convinced people they need to take years to learn these things, and surely the Government is always right, while hundreds of millions of people waste the best years of their lives on knowledge that is effectively useless for everyday living. Free Democratic Societies mean just one thing ‘Decide my life’, which is what the Government has done for each successive generation from the early 1900s till now ! STUDENTS: Since no synthesis is taught between and within subjects and since much of what is taught is useless for everyday living or survival, people leave school after spending 12 years there with no real skills to get them through life and be independent and are therefore made subject again to either go to College or University for a few more years to study something usually irrelevant to what they were taught at school (there are the exceptions of course where one must study specialized subjects at university which can’t be taught at school, but even much of these do not require much of the knowledge taught at school). Their memory of school becomes a vague memory of random, meaningless, and useless facts just like parts of a disassembled machine in front of them with no idea as to how to assemble the parts to make the machine work! Dysfunction results due to the physical and mental stress that students suffer because of unnecessary overloading, time wasting, enforced conformation, and the substituting of real knowledge for useless knowledge (students seem to understand this more than many adults). In order to “escape” students resort to things like watching shallow T.V shows, over-socialization, delinquency or taking drugs, which are things that only cause a student to further detract from learning what is truly needed in life. This then produces the perpetual time wasting conform - escape, conform - escape vicious circle. This is actually the goal of the New World Order - their plan is to create a chaordic (order out of chaos) system, where people are either drones, or delinquent, this is for one reason only – control! This cycle then induces the survival mode of life meaning students seek shortcuts to get by with the least amount of effort possible (like copying their homework from others). However, even this small amount of effort is too much and applied to futile ends. Students are taught that they have to pass tests instead of being taught how to think. This means that the motive for studying is now just to sit for exams and pass them and not for genuinely seeking knowledge and retaining that knowledge thereafter. So what they are actually being taught is to retain anything they have learnt until they don’t need it anymore. This is a contradiction to true learning because true education is what is retained in your mind after you finish writing exams. Knowledge which is a useful and powerful thing therefore becomes their source of distress and the least of their priorities as they now have to do whatever they can to regain the self-esteem, recognition, and peace of mind that is taken from them by the system (and this also must be done within the confines of the system.) When you see a student, what you’re really seeing is someone who has been weakened by futile demands that they are low on ambition and initiative, but who as an individual, is starving for recognition and self-esteem. These are symptoms of a system that is anti-life, anti-freedom (true freedom, not democratic ‘freedom’) and anti-individualism. Since thinking for oneself and seeking one’s own truth and sense of morality is taken from them, their individualism is expressed through superficial means such as through eccentric clothes and hair, and the seeking of attention through varied and even inappropriate means. These superficial methods are things that are still legal within the system. Once their individuality is broken, the student body splits then splits into two groups: those who conform and those who fail (according to the systems pre-conformed and preset definition of failure). The ones that conform learn the rules of the game, irregardless of how illogical they are and play them to the satisfaction of faculty. These learn to trust authority over their own potentials and initiatives as these have been suppressed, so they become robots very good at their tasks and are praised for how well they fit the mold imposed on them. Many go to college/university, and absorb what’s fed to them there, and become academics with comfortable incomes and lifestyles. But, however wonderful that sounds, they are farm cows living the illusion that they are flying cows through the feel good factor given to them and nothing more, because their energy, time and even money is robbed to give the farmer his spilt milk. Their understanding and appreciation for quality disappears as they themselves have been molded in a system that operates on a quantity over quality basis as a means of survival, and they then carry this mindset through life and in their own careers. These are the ones who have been conformed to believe through the “right track” fine sounding argument that life is all about working 9-5 and that it is perfectly logical to work 30 years of your life to pay off a house that only costs $10,000 to build. (bricks and cement). These are the ones that become so detached from reality, common sense, and from what truly matters, that it usually takes a tragedy to wake them up (if they wake up) to what the meaning of life is and what is truly important. The ones who do not conform usually fall behind as they are disillusioned with the system and no longer care about pleasing it, meaning their grades are low to mediocre. Their chances of graduating and pursuing higher education are slim. If they do graduate they immediately acquire low paying jobs because the price of refusal to conform is rejection into low wage earning jobs. Otherwise, they drop out and find another source of education or work that is more suited to them, or they may get a breakthrough doing something else. Regardless, some of these are intelligent and wise perceiving the illogicality of the system which is what has caused their disillusionment in the first place. Therefore the system through mainstream education is designed to produce either worker drones to serve the system, or welfare recipients who are an excuse for the state to maintain its large parasitic numbers. It also produces an idiotic consumer base who buy every modern ‘convenience’ that the corporations, who control (through means of influence) many sectors of the Government, throw at the masses. PARENTS: Due to neglect of synthesis in learning, parents often end up paying extra money for private tuition in areas their child wishes to attain fullness of knowledge in (of which many are forced to give up anyway due to the necessary enforcement of useless work overloads of school). Others get the pseudo feel good factor by spending thousands of dollars to educate their kid privately. The parents themselves are also the product of a system that has caused their memory of school to be a vague memory of random, meaningless, and useless facts meaning they themselves are not in the position to help their children with their homework and end up paying others extra tuition fees to teach their kids things that they themselves should have already been taught! This means more homework for the kids, more time wasting and more money out of the parents’ pocket. Parents believe they can’t help their children because they have forgotten what they learnt at school, when in reality it is because they themselves weren’t taught effectively so as to retain the knowledge. Parents believe that their children are being taught morality and ethics in school and therefore they do not need to assume this responsibility so much. This also means that they don’t get to spend genuine time with their kids because the kids are too busy with school work or being entertained in school functions, and the parents themselves are the product of a system designed not to give their children valuable time. In certain countries where the education system is so poor, students are made to attend extra evening classes in order to learn what should have been taught in school. This is more time wasting, extra work and stress on students and more money out of parent’s pockets. Parents then pay further fees to educate their kids at a tertiary level so that their kid can then get a job to buy a house for themselves. For parents, tuition fees, books, accommodation, food, pocket money, travel expenses, over a period of about 4 years, when these expenses are added up at the end of 4 years is enough money to have bought their kids an apartment. TEACHERS: Despite the problems, teachers are also restricted in their ability to respond to any problems they perceive in class and in what they can teach since they are taking orders from their superiors. Due to political correctness and school boards who are afraid of disapproval by a vocal minority with political influence, teachers are confined to a restricted curriculum and disciplinary measures which they are forced to follow. The curriculum is designed and set by a panel of puppets who despite once being students and even teachers themselves, still have no clue as to what truth is, let alone the initiative to spread it if they knew it, they themselves having been molded not to take initiative but to conform. These factors also mean that any funds they receive they waste on equipment that isn’t necessary just to keep up with the politically correct trend for schools to be technologically current, instead of using the money for more useful things. This restriction and stress on teachers then also causes them like their students to go into survival mode whereby they just come to work to get paid, throwing much useless information to students randomly without any purposeful or strategic preparation. All these problems show a system designed to cause friction so that the components feed off one another. This friction causes contempt among its components, as each is suffering and blaming one another instead of blaming the system itself. Teachers have contempt for the students, become frustrated with them, and see them as the cause of their own stress. Instead of teaching them how to learn to think for themselves, they then spend more time trying to teach them to behave and obey through illogical and time wasting rules which only irritate students more. Unless already broken by it, students then see authority as something to be defied. This tension between student and teacher relationships shatters trust between them, so that teaching and learning between them enters the domain of negative reinforcement. So, instead of respecting each other, they have contempt for each other, and both just do what they are supposed to, to avoid consequences if they do otherwise. Teachers are kept busy and distracted working all day. The more useless school programs there are with federal or state funding, the more they have to work meaning the more they get paid. The lie -“The right track” The ‘right track’ mindset is what students are being conformed to by the system, concerning their destiny. This is achieved by applying a form of godliness and morality through fine sounding arguments. You are conformed to measure your success by what the system considers is successful so that you then fear deviating from the “right track” because then you are seen as a failure. We hear stories of people who get wealthy after dropping out of college and pursuing their dreams or who defied convention and revolutionized the world. But what is implied is that these people are the exception and not the rule and that you belong to the rule (who makes the rules ?) and not the exception. As a result, many students have been conformed to be under this illusion, the illusion being that they either follow this track and try to be the best cow in the herd to maintain both financial and social security, which they believe is given to them by a “trustworthy” source, or else defy the system and fail miserably. The ‘right track’ is: “Get good grades because when you get good grades you can then get an education which will then secure you being favored by employers. When you get a good job you will earn good money to buy whatever you want and then you can get a mortgage and have a good marriage and family, with all the modern conveniences that the world’s system can give you.” This is what is really meant by this fine sounding argument: “Don’t worry about making an impact on the world through who you really are, just put all your time and energy into getting good grades so that you will be so distracted and weakened from seeking the true meaning of life and from truth that will teach you that what takes years of learning at school can be taught in a very short time. Just get good grades because that is all you will be in the eyes of those you will serve. Feel special through the feel good factor of a college education, smart outfits and a “secure” 9-5 job because much will be taken from you as you will be working to maintain the system as you are seen fit, because those who make the rules need you to be good farm cows producing as much milk as you can, until it is time for the slaughter. We won’t tell you that despite your hard work, your job isn’t even guaranteed and we don’t like reminding people that they may not even be alive tomorrow. Just keep busy and distracted for another 45 years of your life (if you live that long) so that again you focus all your energy and time on futile ends, because as long as you stay distracted, specialized and compartmentalized, we’ll clothe you, feed you, give you a good family, and then bury you in a good plot of land.” Please copy and share freely!
  4. angela860

    Proof of God

    For those who seek the meaning of life This message is in two sections: 1. Right reasoning in seeking truth 2. Proof of God through: Science Archeology Predictions Unlocking the Mysteries to life In order to unlock the mysteries to life, a person needs to be teachable / correctable. Without constructive criticism or being teachable and open to receive knowledge, a person can never understand truth as they ought. For light brings truth, and if a person refuses to be taught light, neither can they receive the truth. A person needs to see and understand for themselves the error they are in, this then makes them more receptive to everything. These errors are subject to the following things: A person has to understand that they haven't been exposed to the fullness of knowledge that exists in all creation. They have to realize that the knowledge that they have, (often given through the world system, mainstream media etc., which is subject to limitations / control) is only a tiny fraction compared to the fullness of knowledge that exists. Simply said, a person must acknowledge that their knowledge is not everything that is out there, and that their decisions and choices are therefore subject to this limited knowledge. Knowledge unlocks the mysteries to life, however to attain knowledge, one must first understand the following points: • The unexplained isn't unexplainable • False interpretations don't mean false revelation • Understanding context • Understanding language • Understanding people's motives • Interpreting difficult information in the light of clear information • Don't build a whole thesis on obscure information • Understanding the nature of "seeming contradictions" • Truth is found in what is revealed and not in everything recorded • Understanding the law of progressive revelation 1. The unexplained isn't unexplainable – It is a mistake to assume that what has not yet been explained never will be or can be explained. It is a grave mistake to give up further exploration on anything you seek answers to. The unexplained should actually be your motivation to find an explanation. For example, many unexplainable natural phenomena that scholars or scientists once had no answer for, have now been answered through the unyielding patience of various disciplines. This knowledge should then cause a person to realize that what they may consider false or wrong now, may actually be proved true at some future point. Often times when a person assumes what they themselves can't explain is therefore unexplainable, can be rooted in pride or in an unwillingness to receive an explanation, especially if the explanation threatens their mindset. 2. False interpretations don't mean false revelation – People can often interpret something wrong because of the following reasons: • Self-interests involved • Wrong or selfish ambition • Lack of understanding • Insufficient knowledge at a given time • Blindness • Pride etc… Therefore, people's mistakes in interpreting any given information wrongly (subject to the above), does not nullify initial truth. 3. Understanding context – Any person seeking truth seeks to understand truth in its proper context. Context refers to the parts directly before and after a word or sentence that influence its meaning. Right understanding is right context. Having the right context is subject to: • Not presuming that your mindset or thought processes are like the person's conveying the information. This means not applying the mindset you are subject to now as to the way things have always been or should always be. • Asking yourself - Do I truly have an understanding of the history, way of life or how things were done in a given time period that the information is subject to, before I draw conclusions? • Understanding the language style of the information – languages changed substantially through the centuries – modern English can never truly be compared to the English of the 1600s or to the language of writers such as Mark Twain etc…. • Information must not always be interpreted literally but in the light of the result that was intended – the intent of the instruction – so that the message is correctly understood. Failure to note the meaning in light of its context is the main error of those who find fault with truth. 4. Understanding language – It is important to understand the language of the message being conveyed. Understanding language is subject to: • A non-literary style. • Understanding various expressions of speech (e.g. exaggeration, non-technical language, idioms etc…) and literary devices. • This means that various expressions of speech shouldn't always be taken literally, then pitted against other information. The context dictates whether a term should be taken literally or figuratively. • For e.g. If a person says "I have a billion things to do today" we understand what is meant and don't take it literally. This means that people should then apply this same reasoning when seeking truth. • Rounding off numbers. • Using Common sense of other surrounding factors to work out the message. • General statements don't mean Universal promises. Do not seize upon information that offers general truths and then point with glee to obvious exceptions. One must learn to differentiate between general guidance and universal assurance. • Different people with different personalities emphasize different points. 5. Understanding people's motives – People do many different things for many different reasons - it is important to understand the reason or the why people do things. • It needs to be understood if the reason why a person is doing something is reasonable. • Is the person blinded or deluded. 6. Interpreting difficult information in the light of clear information - Some information is hard to understand often due to its obscurity. One piece of information may appear to contradict another. When one has understood the meaning of clear information, then one can understand obscure information in the light of clear information, and that whatever the obscure means, it cannot mean something that flatly contradicts the clear information. 7. Don't build a whole doctrine from obscure information – People often times become scholastic over one word in a given text for different reasons, and then build a whole doctrine over it. They go through life trying to come to some agreement or compromise over its origin or precise meaning, yet fail to see the essence of what is being taught. Don't build a whole doctrine or belief based on any obscure information. When any information isn't clear, never conclude that it means something that opposes any other plain and straight forward information given elsewhere in many places. 8. Understanding the nature of "seeming contradictions" - various laws concerning "seeming contradictions" that one needs to understand include: • Every individual person perceives different things at different times, for different reasons. This means that any given information may contain variations, but the essence of the account isn't contradictory but one and the same. For e.g. Two people see two cats running up a tree and are asked to write an account of what they saw. The first person writes that there were two cats in the tree because that is what they saw from where they were standing and at the time they were standing there. The second person states that there were three cats in the tree because from where they were standing they saw the two cats in the tree plus an additional cat that was already sitting in the tree, which the first person couldn't see from where they were standing. This is not a contradiction to the essence of the information, but a slight variation in their accounts of the story. This law should be expected from unique individuals giving an account of any event, each through their own perspective. Realistically, no witnesses of any event or series of events would write in exactly the same way, just as no three artists who were each asked to paint the same scene would provide the exact same details in their paintings. The general scene would be the same, but the details would differ. This then also means that: • The exclusion of information from a party doesn't make it contradictory. • That incomplete information doesn't make it false information. Given the example of the two cats above, the person who only saw two cats (incomplete information) doesn't nullify the one who saw three cats (complete information). The two accounts are actually complimentary, supplying more information when both are taken together. Therefore slight differences in an account oftentimes confirm its realistic truthfulness rather than refute it. 9. Truth is found in what is revealed and not in everything recorded – It is a mistake to assume that everything contained in a given piece of information is commended by the one giving it. Unless one understands this distinction, one may then incorrectly conclude that error is being taught or affirmed, when in reality it isn't. 10. Understanding the law of progressive revelation – It is important to understand that in life information isn't revealed all at once, nor are the same conditions laid down for every period of time. Different information is given at different times to fit the particular circumstance. This is not contradictory to what was given before. For e.g. the fact that someone may drink a hot drink on a cold day, does not mean that they cannot drink a cold drink on a hot day, or that they always drink only hot drinks, for different times and situations call for different things. The problem is that people do understand these things as they know how to apply them to areas where their self-interests are involved, but use them as defense mechanisms when being confronted by truth, thus revealing the hypocritical nature in people. This shows people are flawed and corrupted to start off with. Therefore one needs to filter out all these things when seeking truth before one can unlock the mysteries to life. Section 2 - Proof of God Mathematical proof of God This is one of the simplest and most powerful proofs of God there is – no one with any ability to reason could say there isn't a God after reading this ! A simple equation: 2% + 2% = 4% 2% of Carbon + 2% of Oxygen = Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 1% of Carbon + 1% of Oxygen = Carbon Dioxide 0% of Carbon + 0% Oxygen = Nothing So what does this mean ? This means, that according to simple maths, 1 + 1 = 2, ergo 1% + 1% = 2% Forgetting 'evolution' arguments for now, How did the Universe begin ? How could matter have been created ? If 1% of matter (or even anti-matter, or dark matter or any substance or sound wave or light wave or anything) + 1% of something else could possibly in a 10 to the power of infinity chance create a 'Big Bang', which then in turn would create in astronomically impossible odds the world, the galaxies and the solar systems, then it must be understood that: 0% of matter (sound waves, light waves or anything) + 0% of anything = Nothing ABSOLUTE 0% of ANYTHING There is no point of origin for the creation of Anything – it is scientifically impossible to create anything (to cause the Big Bang) from Nothing ! It is mathematically impossible to create 1+% from 0% + 0% ACCORDING TO EVERY SCIENTIFIC LAW KNOWN TO EVERY BEING WITH THE ABILITY TO THINK - THERE COULD NEVER HAVE BEEN A SUBSTANCE OF ANY KIND TO CREATE THE BIG BANG. IF THERE WAS A SUBSTANCE TO CREATE THE BIG BANG – HOW WAS IT CREATED – ACCORDING TO MATHMATICS IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE BECAUSE 0% + 0% = 0% ! This leaves only one alternative: A Creator ! Something, Someone outside of the laws of Science – that Created Scientific laws – A God – The most powerful Scientific Mind in the Universe ! This is absolute proof that there is a Creator When people stand before the Judgment seat of God, all the Creator has to say to them is: "Did you understand mathematics – even the simplest form of mathematics? Then you are without excuse ! " Because with this knowledge (the knowledge of what is created) it should prompt the person to genuinely seek if there is a God. Proof of God - Predictions Chernobyl – Wormwood "The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter." - Revelation 8:10,11 This prophecy was given in about 95 AD to John the Revelator on the island of Patmos. The Bible Prophecy speaks of a star called Wormwood which caused great damage, and poisoned the waters, 'Chernobyl' is the Ukrainian name for 'Wormwood'. On the 26th April of 1986 there was a nuclear explosion in Chernobyl, Ukraine (Russia) that occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. An explosion and fire released large quantities of radioactive contamination into the atmosphere, which spread over much of Western USSR and Europe. It is widely considered to have been the worst nuclear power plant accident in history, and is one of only two classified as a level 7 event on the International Nuclear Event Scale. This caused damage that is still causing problems for the citizens of the country, and many other nations were affected from the fallout. Chernobyl Nuclear facility explodes April 26, 1986 Halley's Comet Halley's comet passed by earth April 10th 1986, appearing as a bright star, "blazing like a torch", a few days later, April 26th, Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded. The prophecy of the third trumpet emphasizes that the star called Wormwood made the waters bitter. As the nuclear cloud produced by Chernobyl drifted over the Soviet Union and over Europe, an extraordinary amount of rain fell. The rain brought the radiation from the nuclear cloud onto the soil, the animals, the crops, the trees, and into the rivers. The greater the rainfall, the greater was the amount of radioactivity. These heavy rains greatly increased the magnitude of the disaster. Much (almost all) of Europe was affected. Halley's comet is the only short period comet (visible every 75-76 years), and is the only comet that might appear twice in a human lifetime, being able to be seen without a telescope from earth. 666 Prediction about Cashless Society He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark of the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666. - Revelation 13:16-18 This prophecy was given about 95 AD. 666' is hidden in every Barcode: 666 in barcodes: The three longer 'Guidebars' in every barcode at the beginning, middle and end, include the same code as the number 6 (101) and correspond to the number 6 in width and thickness. Hence "6 6 6" is hidden in every bar code! "No one can buy or sell without the mark 666" (Rev 13:16-18) This prophecy has already been partially fulfilled, as for about 50 years no one in Europe or America can buy anything without a barcode which contains the number 666 in all commercial barcodes. This is only a prelude to the fulfillment of the 666 mark, which shall probably be some sort of chip implanted in the hand or forehead. People are using 666 for just about everything, and many don't even know it. Many people are also being chipped with the Verichip (which is not the actual chip) from ADS (Applied Digital Solutions), which is much like the chip / mark prophesied in Revelation, and works in the same way as the final 666 chip should work – no one shall be able to hold a job without the 666 mark – so everyone is 'forced to receive the mark' to buy / sell / pay off their loans etc. Phases to get to the chip: Phase 1: Price Stickers Phase 2: The Barcode Phase 3: Replace Cash with Cards Phase 4: RFID tags Phase 5: The Implantable RFID Chip etc Images: • The Jacobs were the first family to be chipped • The Verichip by Applied Digital Solutions. • 'Chipmobile' – Verichip is on a mission to chip America ! • 2012 Advert from Vodafone Greece, the Logo shows three chips reading 6-6-6. According to this prophecy, one day the final chip shall be an everyday thing, where you can't buy nothing without it - adverts for the chip shall become an everyday normal thing, advertising convenience for the chipee – much like credit cards were advertised as a good thing. Who has been chipped and why ? People throughout different countries and for different reasons have already been chipped. The Bible says that "It forced all people to receive Mark". The strategy for getting whole nations to receive the 666 Chip is: "malicious intentions presented through non-malicious means" This is through applying fine sounding reasoning or arguments to justify their plans. Key reasons used to cause people to get the chip are: Security, Efficiency, Identification, Access These are words which are used to play on people's insecurities and weaknesses, causing them to see a 'need' to be chipped. Someone described it in the following way: "It's a simple concept, really: You inject a miniature radio frequency identifier the size of a grain of rice between your thumb and forefinger and with a wave of your hand, you unlock doors, turn on lights, start your car or pay for things." People have already been chipped with 'prototype' chips ! Who has been chipped: • An entire family • Many millionaires • Security agencies • People who work in high security buildings • Army officials, Military etc • Plans are underway to Microchip every Newborn in the U.S. and Europe • Medical patients (e.g. senior citizens) for immediate access to their medical records • Pets and large herds of cattle and sheep for efficient tracking • High Government officials - Mexico's attorney general and at least 160 people in his office have been implanted with microchips that get them access to secure areas of their headquarters. • Plans to chip every Western Citizen (America / Canada / Australia / Europe Etc) are currently in progress - with plans for the rest of the world after this.
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