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  1. Thanks for the response and putting it in perspective. I was trying to do some calculations of what would happen if 10-20 loaded 747-400's were filled with liquid air (each able to dispense 99,582 litres of liquid air @ -319F flew into a hurricane and dispersed it's payload. Since the air is warmer and basically the "battery" (well the hot gulf stream or Caribbean is the real battery) this payload might dampen the strength of the storm. What do you think of this theory or has it been tried?
  2. I'm working on a strange theory and I need a little help on this as I'm not very good with chemistry and physics. I apologize if this is not in the correct forum, if it isn't please move it to where it should go. Ok, Here is the data that I have: Liquid nitrogen density is .807g/ml @ temps of -320.44 and -195.8C :-: 1KG = 1,239.2ml Liquid Oxygen density is 1.141g/ml @ -297.33F and -182.96C :-: 1KG = 876.5ml I am wondering what the effect would be if 1KG of one of these liquids were sprayed into a room that is 10'x10'x10' so 1,000 cubic feet. Let's say that the room temperature is 72F degrees. (or would it be easier to use 1L of the substance?) What could be the expected temperature in the room after spraying one of the liquids. Could you show me how you do it? Also, how many BTU's, joules or KW's would this be? Is there anything that I am missing here that I should ask or think of? This could be pretty interesting depending upon the results. Also, does anyone know how fast a liquid spray would disperse if sprayed into a room such as this - would it evaporate it pretty quickly? Am I asking the correct questions? Anyone else find this interesting?
  3. Thanks for the info everyone! This is very helpful. Testing will take place in either Mexico or Canada and the material tested will most often be an oil based hormone mixture with a variety of solvents. As far as certification to have the results be considered legit, that isn't a big deal because my customers just want the results and can't use them for anything except personal verification of their own product. This isn't going to be used in court or for QC/QA just individual satisfaction that they got what they ordered. The reason it is those countreis is because it isn't illegal to possess the substances being tested so the procedure should be ok with no lab certifications or licenses.
  4. I have a business opportunity which requires the results of a GC/MS to be successful. It is basically testing medications for their active compound and the potency of the compound. This is legal in the place/country in which I am looking for the type of substance I am planning on testing. All in all there will probably be about 40 different types of substance derivitaves which I will be testing for, most either in a carrier oil with a small amount of solvent or in a powder form with some form of binder. So that is what I would like to do, test the samples customers send in and publish the findings online. I have no experience with GC/MS and I need to know where to start. I have a little chemistry background and an very good with technology (I work in the IT/IS field for a living, so I will pick up the procedure pretty quickly I would guess). What I need to know is how difficult is the testing for this kind of setup and can it be taught to a lab technician and assistant? Does one need a chemistry degree to do the testing or will a few classes in Chem be enough to understand the principles of what is going on. My final question is about the GC/MS library of which I can compare results to to find out what the substance is. How do I get this and is there a way to buy specific examples of medications for a base line comparison? Let's say I want to test over the counter supplements and the library doesn't include them. Is there a way to obtain a base sample and use that for future comparison? I'd love to learn more about GC/MS so if anyone can advise of something to read or point me in the right direction I would be greatly appreciative of any input. Also is LC/MS similar or possibly the way I want to go? Finally, I will need to buy the machine and library on a budget so I would like to get some ideas on how I can find something like this for a good deal. Does anyone have any ideas on this?
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