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  1. Most people would say they feel a release of pressure and pain when they crack their back, fingers, or other joints. I however, feel a more euphoric feeling that can be compared to the feeling of being on a good drug. I asked a bunch of people and tried to do more research on why this happens and I could not find anything. I understand that bubbles of air are released from the synovial membranes and can cause a rush of good feeling due to the release of pressure and pain. I don't see that as being the answer as to why some people, including myself feel a more intense drug-like sensati
  2. I have already stated this, but I am not looking for examples of variation. I know variation exists. I am curious if there are examples of evolution outside of genetic variation within species. Like it or not, dogs are variations of each other. Highly specialized? Yes. But dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) is still just a subspecies of Wolf (Canis lupus), no matter their variation. I may be wrong, but as far as my research can tell, antibiotics did not create antibiotic resistant bacterium. There have always been such bacterium and the destruction of non-resistant bacterium and success of
  3. Are there any species where there have been documented evidence (I am talking about an observed, documented account, not a fossil) of a species mutating beyond standard variation? I am not interested in species that have undergone mutation where the offspring has not survived or has been sterile. I am wondering if there has been any known instances where an actual genetic advancement has taken place, no matter how small, in an extant species beyond simple variation adaptions such as color (i.e. English moths) or texture changes (Mendelian peas). I know that evolution takes time, and t
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