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  1. It might be a completely random and senseless idea but i would throw it to all who would be interested to contribute their valuable thoughts. Could it be that as a black hole continuously keeps absorbing matter from all around it and compresses matter to such density that it nears its point where matter can no longer be compressed, as the black hole keeps absorbing matter it can not contain the matter and starts to spit out the excess matter and energy turning into a quasar, further as the dead star finally reach its pinnacle of absorption and density all this time continuously being opposed by the atoms force outwards counteracting the compression force. Now it finally explodes disintegrating all atoms and even their sub atomic particle converting into extremely small particles (dark particle), and emitting large amounts of energy at the same time(Dark Energy). The dark particle i suppose would have properties of absorption of light and would have relatively high gravity thus the cluster of such particles would be dark matter. Dark energy however would complement the force of expansion from the big bang- Think of a fire cracker bursting into 10 parts and few of the corresponding parts further bursting further, this would speed up the rate at which the particles would be traveling apart from each other after the first burst. I suppose one would not be able to see the black hole exploding, unable to see them whole in the first place. Since very very large stars have a shorter life and they are the ones that convert into black holes probable the above mentioned assumption came into play in the ancient universe after the big bang, this would have allowed dark matter being produced early hence allowing formation of galaxies and dark energy slowly winning the cosmic battle against gravity reaching the stage we are in today. P.S- This is just an imaginative idea looking for exploration.
  2. Does anyone know how many neutron stars, magnetars, pulsars, white dwarfs and blackholes have been discovered so far in the universe?
  3. If Dark Energy is pushing everything apart in the universe then how is it that Galaxies are on a collision course with each other? Even Andromeda and milky way are said to be on a collision course with each other.
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