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  1. I would have definitely used that approach, but I was trying to alkylate p-toluenesulfonamide with an alkyl group (butyne with an internal C-C triple bond), but we don't have butynyl amine in our lab (if it does exist at all).
  2. I have not, but I will test it out. Thanks for the reply! Just for clarification, how would the MeOH:DCM solvent mixture be different than using Hexane:EtOAc? Would it be because of the polarities of MeOH and DCM versus hexane and ethyl acetate?
  3. Hello fellow scientists, A few days ago, I ran a reaction of an alkynyl tosylate (specifically ROTs, the R group being an internal alkyne) with p-toluenesulfonamide (TsNH2) in base (K2CO3) in hopes of alkylating the sulfonamide, and getting RNHTs out as the product. This reaction took much longer than I imagined, and I finally decided to work it up after 3 days of it running. When I took a TLC test of the crude, there was some starting material, the product spot, and p-toluenesulfonamide. From past experience (I ran this reaction before, except using 1-bromo-2-butyne), I had to use a 1:1
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