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  1. About the non-sequitur, i merely shared some of the ideas of the first post on this thread by abolute1....about "democratising" some areas of scientific movements... I have merely produced speculations which may or maynot have anything to do with your science. I think that the hardcore belief in cartesian, aristotelian, euclidean thinking has a far more adverse effect when it comes to the "completeness of science" which scientists are (also) trying to understand... I am sorry swansont for i believe your inability to understand this brings you a false sense of comprehension... My specul
  2. Klaynos Science bases itself on axioms/dogmas, which on a fundamental level become quite hard to imagine...For example fundamental concepts such as mass, charge, etc are concepts we cannot claim to have a solid understanding of. In mathematics, we make use of the concept of the infinite and the infinitesimal to describe many other concepts... It seems to work...it is something inconcievable but it works, and that's that. My opinion about the quantum world, which someone stated works like magic, is similar, since after all, everything is described using abstract mathematical language. How
  3. In many ways it is observably true... The social ethics and taboos that we all have, are in a collective way, the same principle. We are sometimes able to "sense" a world beyond it and that is why we interpret more... Who knows what we can't "sense"... and what are the repercutions on our current actions/ideas, that could have been different, had we interpreted with more "senses".
  4. I believe that all of our scientific grounding is standing on air. As much as i would like to praise the scientific community for their firm belief in the conquest of the ultimate truth(s) and the hard work being done to improve the materialist world , i believe that the very nature of our scientific movement, i.e, the firm belief in the validity of the rational and material, combined with a decision to ignore the irrational, validates my first statement. We believe in a lot of dogmas that have as much reason for being "true" as would flying saucers, the hindu scriptures, etc...I believe reas
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