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  1. The answer is from two websites : Why should the Bible be our source for morality? http://www.gotquestions.org/Bible-morality.html http://www.equip.org/articles/sabbath-keeping-and-the-new-covenant/
  2. and strong atheism is ............. ??!! http://members.iinet.net.au/~sejones/fsslrc03.html#fsslrcrdgpsnrsstlldstrbnglckfmssnglnksrtrnstnlfrmsbtwnthmjrgrpsfrgnsms "In the early days of evolutionary paleontology it was assumed that the major gaps would be filled in by further discoveries, and even, falsely, that some discoveries had already filled them. As it became more and more evident that the great gaps remained, despite wonderful progress in finding the members of lesser transitional groups and progressive lines, it was no longer satisfactory to impute this absence of objec
  3. you just ignore my point, and come up with a bunch of speculative questions. You ignored also all the evidence i provided to you for Gods existence, and dismissed it without hesitation, not giving a hint of serious consideration. That tells whats up with you. You do reject God based on emotional ground, and think you have good reasons for doing so. Unfortunately, you just delude yourself.......
  4. Of course it is better. Scientific evidence points to a finite universe, which had a beginning. http://elshamah.heavenforum.org/t132-the-kalam-cosmological-argument Firstly, it must be noted that since there is nothing prior to the cause of the universe, it cannot be explained scientifically, as this would imply the existence of antecedent determining conditions. Hence, because there are no prior determining conditions, the cause of the universe must be personal and uncaused. Moreover, the cause must transcend space both matter and time to create both matter and time. It must also be
  5. And what is strong atheism ??!! no, you have not. beside this, i have said that objective moral standards can only come from God. you have not answered my question : which moral standard ? and it is based on what exactly ? ok, please show me how moralities apply to the animal world, since animals have no decision power, but behave based on their instincts. that would mean, that all animals, that do not socialize, would have to be extinct by now. absolute assertions demand absolute proofs. Prove your assertion, please. that is
  6. It depends if you talk about weak, or strong atheism. Since atheists do defend a position, even if they declare themself weak atheists, it becomes clear very fast, that they are strong atheists. And, no. Its indeed a belief system. http://www.atheism-analyzed.net/ 1. There is no God. 2. There is no afterlife. 3. There is no intuition; there is no spirituality; there is no absolute morality. 4. The brain is the mind, the mind is the brain: the mind is not transcendent. 5. Life is chemicals; DNA is life; the brain
  7. dodging my question......Naturalism helds, that the natural universe is all there is. No intelligent creator required. Please present evidence for this world view. it doesnt matter what Hitler declared to be. Fact is, he thought to kill jews was good. Based on what moral standard can you possibly say he was wrong ? Based on what can you say, empathy is good ? Lets say, that would be a matter of fact. Why would it be unacceptable ? based on what can you determine, what is acceptable, what is not ? the foundation of atheism is complete nihilism.
  8. well, lower the level, and make personal attacks, does not strenghten your position. based on what moral standard can you possibly know, that respect the life of other human beings, and empathy , is good, and harming someone is wrong ??? Hitler thought, kill the Jews was a good thing for germany. Based on what do you believe, your moral standard is above Hitler's ? What a weak position, based on a negative..... How about rather than that, you present evidence naturalism is true, and nature is all there exists, no intelligent cause involved in our existence ?
  9. If God does not exist, than objective moral standards do not exist. Therefore , you cannot define what is moral, what is not. Well , you think you have something on hand to justify your disbelief in God. However , you have not. I bet you have not studied the bible, otherwise you would not come to the conclusion you expose here.
  10. Even if, lets say, the argument would stand, how exactly would that prove God does not exist ? Is God a moral monster ? http://www.biblegateway.com/blog/2011/10/is-god-a-moral-monster/
  11. No, you will not. The problem is not the evidence. The problem is your will. Even if i would prove you Gods existence, you would reject God. I have actually done so, and shown that the codified, complex, specified information contained in DNA unmistakenly evidences a intelligent mind as origin of life. But you prefere to tape your ears and eyes. So the same question, you should actually direct to yourself. I am able only to show why i believe the scientific evidence points to a intelligent creator. I have done so. Information in DNA is just one of many exampl
  12. How about you ?!! But indeed : no one can convince me on the contrary. Neither i am here with that purpose. I have seen miracles happen in my life, that makes in impossible to NOT believe in God. The problem is just about semantics . We can just replace the word supernatural with God. A God that is above our universe, and the known dimensions. My point is, that from absolutely nothing, nothing derives. The universe most probably had a beginning, therefore a cause. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superstring_theory<br style="margin: 0px; padding: 0p
  13. It seems you do not understand my question. Here again : Based on what moral standard can you say God is a moral monster ? how do you possibly know these commands were morally rejectible ?
  14. really ? where ? Could you point out based on what moral standard you can say , the God of the bible is morally bankrupt ?
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