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  1. Nothing in Nature works by 'paradigms', everything works by mechanisms. That is the reason the paradigm of neodarwinism is irrelevant, it never was relevant to begin with. The best and easiest way to tell if a theory is 'hokey' is if it fails to supply a mechanism or mechanisms.
  2. Consider that for life to exist in advanced forms, as it does today, one of the capabilities it had to have was the ability to evolve. Life may have started may times before but until it had that precious ability to evolve, it could only have had a very primitive form.
  3. It's been known that the moon isn't covered with dust since the first Surveyer landing. The lunar surface has a consistency more like dried bread, but of course it is fused mineral matter. So the very first 'point' that you make is in error.
  4. Crazy but possibly related notion. That the 'barred' portion of a spiral galaxy might be a 'dark companion' spiral that is 'crossed' with the visible spiral.
  5. I'm going to make some really off the wall speculative 'predictions'. That the strong interaction does have a 'dual' representation involving Gravity, and it does not belong on the high energy scale, but the scale of large sizes, which is the natural province of Gravity. Simply put, people are looking in the wrong place and at the wrong things. There are many, many things to be explained on the large scale, from the shapes of the Galaxies, to the types of Nebulae. How about the 'rings' around SN1987a for example, or Solar Activity? Just look through any Astronomy catalog for more examples. Gravity and SU(3) have many more roles to play than people can begin to imagine. How about the so called bi-polar nebulae around many stars? They fit nicely into a symmetry scheme that includes Gravity.
  6. With teleportation you have a problem with the local nature of the conservation laws. Special Relativity requires that if some quantity is conserved it has to be locally conserved, that is it has to go through space to get from one point to another, it can't just jump from one place to another.
  7. And so what is the size of an electron? And how exactly do you build an apparatus with an opening of that size? It's very easy to propose experiments that are impossible to perform in practice.
  8. Elastic collision/scattering just means the exact same particles come out pf the interaction as went into it, but with different momentum and energy. That's ALL that it means. It doesn't infer any particular mechanism of scattering.
  9. When Faraday wrote up the results of his experiments in electromagnetism he used both words and pictures, but the phrases that he used could readily be converted into differential equations, which is of course what Maxwell did with them. And Heaviside came along and simplified Maxwell's notation, which is what we use today. And you do need words to place the mathematical concepts in a proper context, you can't just guess what they apply to. So if you insist upon using words only, make sure that someone can translate them into math.
  10. I'm of the opinion, and have been ever since the ripe old age of 15 years, that the World is entirely a mathematical-logical construct and that all we can ever hope to do is build mathematical models and guess the rules for building them. So if you're uncomfortable with mathematical modeling I suggest you get off the boat now.
  11. This provides a very good overview of Einsteins work. Inventions don't work if they don't obey the laws of Nature, so his patent job was good practice for his mind. He was also good at math, he used concepts like postulates and groups in his Relativity paper, which are advanced mathematically. When people try to justify 'extraterrestrial intelligence' as being required to build the Pyramids, I think that's foolish. People were every bit as smart then as now, maybe even smarter on average. The methods used to build the Pyramids were in the form of trade secrets, kept from their competitors and passed from generation to generation, so we do not know what they are now, but if we did we would probably be amazed at their ingenuity and effectiveness.
  12. The container height may be limiting the footer height. I don't know exactly what you mean by drop down links, otherwise i could maybe help on that. There are many drop down menus available on the web. You might just want to search for one you like and use that.
  13. Just to say that I do remember that the 'Gabon reactor' that occurred about 1.5 billion hears ago could happen because volcanic steam had deposited uranium oxide of enough purity that the reaction could occur. I've only heard of this single event happening.
  14. I can't point to anything peer reviewed but the normal kinds of clocks we use, their indication depends on the paths they take in space-time, this is pretty well established and is a consequence of Special Relativity. But if we use a telescope we can see that the Universe started about 13.7 billion years ago, and that seems to have an absolute significance.
  15. You've never provided us with the context that equation is used in. Why are you wasting people's time with this post? Why are you wasting you own time, if you study and understand Einstein's paper you will have the correct view, and not the erroneous one that you are espousing? Nature simply doesn't choose to work according to your line of reasoning, so your reasoning is just plain wrong.
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