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  1. Sorry in advance if it offends anyone. I actually spit coffee all over my overpriced computer monitor/TV when I saw where they were going with it.
  2. You might actually wanna check out Jim Al Khalili's BBC documentary on this called "Everything and Nothing" to get a laymen explanation. Complete with pretty visual effects and back story to help paint a more clear portriat. I would post links to a stream of it for you, but I dunno if posting links to obvious pirated material is against the rules. You will just have to search /cough dailymotion.com yourself to find it. =) But to sum it up, the answer is no as far we know. Because even in vacuums photons appear but have to disperse quickly in order to pay back the energy they borrowed to come into existence. But this is a VERY abstract thing to ponder and I myself have spent many hours trying to visualize or even contemplate absolute nothingness (as Emo as that sounds).
  3. http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-00sc-introduction-to-computer-science-and-programming-spring-2011/ This is MiT's computer science/programing course. It is the one they offer to students with no computer programing knowledge. Their website also offers the proceeding class and several others free of charge. Also this course will start you out with Python, since they feel it allows for a smoother transition into other more complex languages.
  4. Maybe with what we have at our disposal now it creates the illusion of impossibility? You, nor could I predict what time will bring, or how we will manipulate it for our own purposes. I like to to bear in mind when dealing with exploration. That at one point, not quite as long ago as we would like to think. Sailing around this "cube" of a planet was in impossibility. However, time in this case showed us that it was in fact our undereducated perception that misguided our views. It is important to let go of what you know when analyzing something new. So I am not saying this analogy will ring true in the search for other life and the distances/time it would take to reach. But if you allow your mind to remain in the fish tank that others have built around you. Then your mind will in fact remain in the fish tank that others have built around you. Basically what I am saying is this question/perception is in need of more input before you can receive the proper output. So instead of jumping to conclusions based on what I am sure in few hundred years from now, will be considered our arcane point of view. You should ask yourself what is the "cube" that we are seeing now that prevents us from achieving our goals and desires. What is our misguided and undereducated perception..Answer this and it would make you an immortal. Your name would be known by everyone for centuries and maybe more. Contradiction of our capability however will bring you no such glory.
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