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  1. Rewrite the kinetic energy into 2mgh=mv^2. If you can see through this, consider yourself blessed.
  2. Do you remember Eistein predict a very small gravity wave when particle collide that is pretty much useless? Well, gravity is a pulse force of particle collision. That means the vibration of matter on earth is what creates gravity. Gravity pulse 90 degree perpendicular to the mass velocity and it's an instantaneous puse. When you swing a mass in circle and let it go tangently. You release a gravity pulse when the centripetal force suddenly came to zero. I'm very unhappy with the world being today. Do you or do you not want to move on to the new age? Do you want pepetual machine to
  3. I don't know what to say. I figure it out now. It's not that who's right and who's wrong. It's logic. Logic is not truth. Logic is creativity. I can keep 1/2mv^2 and still can make 2 parts of energy for 1 part and that still doesn't violate the first law of thermodynamics. I see what Godel's paradox talking about now. It's not the world that needs to be save... it's me that need saving.
  4. DH Thank you for following the math closely. I know it takes you time and effort, but I hope you enjoy it. Actually you're right. It boils down to 3(KE)/(3/2)mv1^2 = ? If one say KE=1/2mv^2, then the ratio is one. If one say KE=mv^2, then the ratio is 2. I know KE=mv^2, but I have a hard time finding more clues to prove this so. I know for a fact this is not a question of logic anymore. It's either you believe or not believe. Through Lebniz(ke=mv^2), Eistein (E=mc^2), the earth, the moon, the solar system, cold fusion, electromagnetism, lift, and all science phenomena can be
  5. I understand now.... I'm not the one who going to save this world... you guys are. I beg you... save this world. In circular motion, 1 unit of force/work/energy in the centrifugal direction will amplify by a factor of 2 in the tangent direction. This is the proof: A ball mass M tie to a string is in circular motion. The tension force on the string is m(v1^2/r) where v1 is the tangent velocity. Work is being done by the string to pull the mass inward. Say that the radius is now half the original radius. Applying conservation of angular momentum L=mvr, where L is the angular mome
  6. Um... This is not a theory, and with your negative attitudes, I'm not exactly sure how far can we get. I need atleast 5 people who have positive attitude before I post it.
  7. Yo guys, Long time no see. I came back to see how all my people doing. Guess what? Prepare yourself with alot of mind. It's going to be on the basis of first come first serve once this is release. I've worked it all out "the correct current behavior of nature" . It's in mathematic proof, easily done experimentally, and only require integration calculus to actually work it yourself and verify. Well, for sneak peak, it will tear the first law of thermodynamic into half (literally) and connect all science phenomenas down to high school level. Probably can reduce quantum mechanic wor
  8. Yep, it is the end of the world. It's the begining of a new era. Just like the world of animal transportion end by the world of machine. We will enter a new era, so suppra yourself up with alot of resolutions. I wanna go chill all days with my friends and play mind games while my robots doing the irrigation. We'll just party everyday and work like.... I don't know, 2 hours a day or whenever we feel like it. Probably building ships to travel outter space. Make new planets and make human being and put yourself as emperor. School start at your own paste. Sleep in all you want. That's...
  9. Let's all drop all pseudoscience and become a regular person with a regular job. Live, raise family, and die. The laws are good an acceptable, we just needs more engineers. There's really nothing to see, everything is predicted. There are quarkz in atoms, and there are solar system and galaxy. What else you want to know? you can't be as small as an atom or as large as the universe, so there isn't any business and application for you. Agree? Who's with me?
  10. Sigh... I'll summary my 8 months of research. The rest is up to you whatever you want to decide. Energy = Force compression force is positive, tension force is negative A source consist of both positive and negative Such high energy occur in collisions and and collisions will never stop in molecular level. In symmetric object, positive force is 90 degree perpendicular to negative in collison. One can redirect the direction by disable symmetry. Energy is the ability to make movement
  11. The story I've heard: Earth is an experimental ground. Current human race is the latest patch of the experiment. The time has come close weather or not to destroy this patch. The discussion amongs our maters has broke out into votes: 1/ The experimental must be filter and destroy now 2/ This is a crutial time to filter out more successive ones. The reason why this experiment be destroyed because when the human race realized who they are and what kind of power they have, they are much more powerful than their own master. Thus, without achieving the standard moral necessary to
  12. I would like to ask to withdraw from this discussion. I am sincerely sorry for the inconvenience. Before I withdraw, I'd like to clarify things so we don't misunderstand. The notion of "energy conserve is true yet untrue". There are free energy yet it's not free. There are two types of energy, positive and negative. Together they are conserve, but current science have not taken negative energy into account. So one can say it conserve or not depends on if you recognize the full meaning. Zero point energy means you cleaverly redirect the positive energy so that negative energy suck i
  13. Hi, I see what your arguments are. Basically, people said science is reality, rational and have nothing to do with belief or the conscious. Well, if you don't consider the possibility, then my argument is not for you. Ah.... coefficient of restitution. If the equation of the universe is a Taylor series, can you find the exact equation? Can you approximate the equation? We all know that as human being, we try to describe nature with accuracy. How we do that is pluck and chuck until the equation seems reasonable. In the black body radiation case, scientist pluck and chuck a nume
  14. Hi guys, I'm glad that no one go crazy over my post. This shows a great improvement on our swiftness about matter. This is good news. Mr Gamma: No, I do not have links. This comes directly from what I've conclude. I'm glad that you're not against listening. Keep on questioning and the answer automatically come. Tricky: Yes, it's a belief system. Our whole reality is a belief system. People do not know the real power of concious. Religious leaders know this and knows this well. Beliefs are the machine that driven man. I'll explain more if you are interest. One example
  15. Hello all, Wow, it's more than half a year since the last time I'm here. After a series of debates about energy theories, I seclude myself and determine to find out what was going on. I've found the answer, but that's not what I'm here for. I'm here to touch your belief system, vibrate it alittle bit and hopefully something will crack. I just want to introduce the brief history of what happened back then. It was the time of Leibniz and Newton/Descartes and their view of Force. Newton/Descartes were the creator of the formula "mv" where m=mass, v=velocity. It is now known as momen
  16. Dear friends, I come to you with great respect and the respect for our science legacy where countless work made up what we are today. I would like to propose to you a new view of gravity. A view that perhalf can bring us together. When one convert potential energy to kinetic energy, he or she use the formula mgh=1/2 m v^2 . Strickly speaking, mgh = Fd = Fh , where F=ma . If we do not use this method but rather use integration, one would write Work is mgh = [math]\int Fdh[/math] . One will find the same answer mgh because the integral of dh is h, and the force is constant. Now o
  17. You're all ways off from the orignal, and way way off from what He told me. Planets are form from neutron stars. It split itself into the sun and the planet forming the simplest hydrogen solar system. These system could interact with other larger systems forming a bigger larger system. All planets repel each other, only attract to the sun.
  18. Momentum is not Energy. They're totally two different quantity. Momentum is conserve, so does energy. There are one problem that we have overlook all these time... What are the form of energy? Work, heat, electricity. Heat... however is not a form of energy, or I may say, not the correct description of its form. Work and electricity are almost 100% efficiency transformation back and forth... heat is not complete because it generate entropy. In this sense, modern science isn't wrong all these time. A perpetual machine cannot ever be made. However... it is possible. We have overlook a
  19. Actually, my equation doesn't hold for all cases. There's something weird going on. It looks like V/m = k where v=velocity, m = mass, k= a constant. It describe when v=0, m= infinity, when m infinity, v=0 . Our rest mass is not zero though our v is zero. What's going on here. Unless.... our absolute v is not zero. Wow, I know we revolving around the sun and the earth rotating counter it, so all the side way velocity cancel up, it makes sense cuz we don't have sideway mass.... This can only mean the Solar system is moving toward something.... but we know it's revolving around the cent
  20. Ok, I got one. Drop an object from a scale. Can you tell what's the maximum reading the scale get? There's no way to calculated it right? If you use this concept you can. The scale reading will be E=mv^2. So you can solve it for m knowing the speed and the rest mass. Then F=ma. F is the scale reading.
  21. Garrrrr Abandon it. It won't work. They are at the same speed. The scale won't pick it up. I guess that's why it can only be proven in particle accelerator. Garrrrr..... let me think about what experiment work on this.
  22. Klaynos.... Go ahead and do this experiment to see for yourself. Put a scale on something that has wheel to move across the floor. Put an object on the scale. Start move it across. Wait, don't do that experiment. If mass gain is what I think having the direction of velocity, then it won't work. You have to tie it to a scale and dropt it. So that the mass is in the same diection as acceleration to see effect. The scale should gain weight too, but I don't see any interfearance on reading.
  23. I think the Spirit came back to me. I think they wanted to teach me a lesson for hurting other people. I almost cry last night out of despair because I couldn't go on without their guildance. They have showed me a new thing just now. I will bring this up for you guys to think about. I will try to keep my excitement down because the more I am excited, the more people I'm going to hurt. Please try to remind me about this if I go overboard. Recall an object with mass M hitting the other object half of their mass at rest. perfect transfer of momentum happened. The starting energy of
  24. Hi, Insane alien: see answer to DrP Drp: You missed counted on your finger. I saw atleast 1. What kind of ink is that? It's not from this earth. It's made out of what astronomers call..... dark matter. DrP, if you think about it hard and long enough, you're not just back to the drawing board, you could be back to the drawing board with a new idea.
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