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  1. LOL I guess the geniuses gave a reply to that question..It's the forth dimension and the one that doesn't let two events to happen at the same time.It's completely another thing our perception of time.There was a theory that assumed that time was something that couldn't be manipulated that it was time which made the events that the events didn't happen by gravitational force or else but time had to go that way so it did. But its a crap theory at last.
  2. Well when the universe was created it had both kind of forces gravitational and another force that pushes matter apart from each other they still exist but the universe is so vast we can not see them but its very clumsy indeed.And Dark Matter is still here never dissapeared. But matter is transformed in energy so there are no loss its all stored in a diff form.
  3. Well this case is no particular one but when you see something that needs light years to reach you you just see the light that has been travelling since a few years ago so you always take late info about the points you look at.
  4. Wormholes are only shortcuts the join point A very close to point B actually that close that u dont need an external force to get accelerated to light-speed. Now the entering of a wormhole is the blackhole which has nearly infinte gravitational pull and that means your body is accelerated directely above lights speed but nothing can pass through a black hole without being turned into "noodles" if u now wht i mean. So basically that's it. But that's just my opinion. PS after getting out of the wormhole u are ejeceted by the white hole at light speed But u may try the string theory if u dont like wormholes they also create shortcuts to go faster from A to B.
  5. It has those extra physic properties because the atoms of the star are so close together that there is no space between them.This makes the black-hole the perfect black body with a nearly infinite gravitational force. Now imagine that two atoms in the star have a distance between them e.i d but at the black hole the two atoms have a distance of numerical value 0 so thats how its body is formed and the mass of the star is still there but more dense then ever. Then the event horizon happens cuz time is affected by gravity and a gravity so huge can change the leap of time-space. And at the event horizon the event is easily predicted by Theory of Relativity. But thats just my idea. PS Dont't call it an extra ability cuz it happens all the time but we dont notice it even the weakest gravity interacts with time-space.
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