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  1. you can find your answer in the formulas for range and height of a projectile motion.
  2. that also confuses me......... CaptainPanic
  3. It seems to be possible...... as proposed by EDWARD TRYON.
  4. Time is a thing that never stops but slows down ...... And never comes back
  5. DC cannot produce this effect AC should be used......
  6. Nature is essentially "lazy." If potential energy gets converted into kinetic energy (i.e. the potential does work on the particle) then this is reflected by a change in the Lagrangian: L=T-V. Nature doesn't want to do work, so the Lagrangian should change as little as possible over the particle's trajectory. The action is the changes in the Lagrangian added up over the entire trajectory, i.e. essentially how much work was done over the particle's path. So the path that minimizes the action is the "laziest" possible path. This argument seems to be true
  7. gravitaitional constant is necessary in the equation otherwise the magnitude of force changes.
  8. it is used only because of a convention and it is thus called a conventional current
  9. they do have a motion as i think .... what say ??????
  10. it is due to the fact that the molecules of hot water lose water more easily and faster then that of cold water.
  11. light have a mass as it behaves as a matter... and its dual behaviour also accounts for it.
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