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  1. What is an effective way to clean Laboratory glassware? I have tried dish soap, and I still get water-spots. I actually did try Toothpaste, and that kind of worked for the water spot issue, but I don't know if that effectively cleans the glass. Thanks!
  2. There isn't a very specific reason. But I can say I dont want to use the caffeine as a supplement. I want to try this as an experiment is all.
  3. Does anyone have a specific experiment procedure that explains the science too?
  4. Judging by this, the best way to go would probably be Ethyl Acetate. Are there any common sources of Ethyl Acetate?
  5. Instead of DCM, or Ethyl acetate, can I use another organic solvent, like ethanol?
  6. I want to extract some caffeine from coffee. Is it plausible, and if so, how is it done? Thanks in advance!
  7. I have to make a contig from a for and rev sequence. I've got the waveforms, and thus the sequences.
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