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  1. 'but I tried', is the most honorable and measurable statement in my opinion, that anyone can make. I appreciate your frankness and willingness to discuss these subjects. They are both, challenging, controversial and.... personal. The beauty of chioce is the exercise of the function itself. It is the one thing we all need to protect and defend more then any other. I vigilantly defend your pleasure to exercise your free choice in every matter every day. It is a pleasure to dialog with you String. Thank you
  2. It is more then mere popularity, it is continuous unbiquity... not just among the isolated ancient cultures but consistantly carrying throughout the intermediate ages and into the 'scientific' modern era. In otherwords, a massive percentage of the global population throughout the ages thoroughly believes that life consists of more than just molecules. To not go beyond the physical realm to comprehend the essence of life is equivalent to essentially exist in a two dimensional reality. There is left, right, forward, backward but no up or down, no third demensional essence of life. When d
  3. Well lets try to return to the basic intent of the thread. Is there a god or not? The collective evidence of overwhelming consistent beliefs in so sort of god or gods throughout the ages form diverse and once entirely disconnected and mutually isolated cultures suggest that it is a subject of ongoing pervasive magnitude among mankind. The chances of them all being wrong are extremely low. Therefore, the probabilities, in my opinion are the chances are very high...
  4. Tar.... I agree that the question, "what is the nature of God?", is the necessary door through which an basic, introductory understanding of God would be found. That requires that we consider and detemine first the medium, the model, that is man most familiar with and would tend to be able to understand in the clearest terms. For me, that conclusion would be man himself. We are not more acquainted with the familiaity of any animated, living entity than that of humankind. Therefore we are best equipped to evaluate a life that would claim to represent God to see if there are any distinct cha
  5. If you look at the empirical, measurable evidence that historically remains as a result of these three men of science I'm certain that, as person who apprears to trust in and rely on evidence, you will reconsider your conclusion that there is no compatibility between science and one's spiritual beliefs. As you may know, science is as much an intuitive inquiry, whose conclusion are then subjected to empirical testing, as it is an exercise in reason and logic. It would seem a grevious error to discount, and even detach, the influencing factors and giudance that are invoved in the based i
  6. As you probably know, the scientific community does not even sanction, much less consider, investigations of any kind that relate to the supernatural or to a God. This seems paradoxical in the sense that they are fully aware that men like Galileo, Coperniicus and Newton, all profound men of science, carried sincere and deeply rooted beliefs in a Divine Creator and Supreme being. These are the men, who today, remain as to be lauded by science for introducing and developing methods and mathemetics that transformed scientific inquiry and the human understand of the universe forever. You
  7. Prayer, of course, is not a phenomenon of nature. It is a willful engagement of humankind directed at being that transcends the physical, empirically measurable elements and natuarlly derived processes of the physical universe. The function of prayer, therefore, falls outside of the bounds of the criteia of the strict Scientific Method which applies to empirically measurable phenomenon and events ONLY. It is, therefore, beyond the criteria set forth by the sceintific community and their accepted forms of experimentation.
  8. The metaphor of the sun was used only as a analogy not a parallelism of an empirically based scientific experiment. A refresher review of the scientific method may be helpful to refresh the understanding that the fundimental premise of all science is founded on allowing ONLY the consideration of natural process as the singular means and explanation for the existence and phenomenon of all things. That, of course, immediately excludes anything relating to an investigation of the existence of the supernatural..... including the effects of ...prayer.
  9. With all of the diverse testimonies from the ancients to present about the various beliefs in a god into the modern era, it would seem neive to ignorea strong probablity, at the very least, that their is the existence of a supernatural realm of some kind and therefore a presence of some sort or sort of deistic beings humankind has learned to refer to as a god. To ignore such a unbiquious extent and duration of such beliefs, purporteded dialogs, experiences and the enormous force of its influence throughout cultures on every continent of the world that were once entirely once enitriely cu
  10. Three elements of influence are present in the lives of those who develop a genuine belief in a god. They are based on the widley accepted accounts of the founders of major belief systems and sages of all eras and cultural backgrounds. They are: 1. an innate and genuine personal pursuit of the subject of a god 2. related testimonies of either a direct or narrative nature 3. the reported experience, in varying degrees, of a drawing or influencing presence from a transcendent spiritual realm Although the relevant sequence of important varies among religous factions related to these
  11. Michel, Schrodinger, ewmon.... Thanking each of you for your inputs. Taking time to review and digest your references and ideas... Also trying to learn the mechanics of pasting partial quotes from prior posts into responses. Haven't found the combination yet. Is there a Help location this type of thing?
  12. AGC..... Thank you for sighting this principle. I will definitely need to look into the understanding of how a Joule is expressed and why the squaring of any veliocity is essential. I appreciate this explanation. I read your earlier reply that also implicated the Joule but failed to see the point of its application as clearly as I have in this explanation. Your generalization of the necessity of squaring the velocity when dealing with the Joule unit of energy seems to be the key to my question. Again, thank you very much for readdressing your initial response.
  13. Janus.... Thank you It is very understandable, and helpful, to know that the same content, c2, is used in the associated concepts of time dialation and length contracrion. But...both of these phenomenon are directly related to Einstein's Theory of Relativity that is fundimentally expressed in the profound equation E=MC2. Therefore the use of C2 in the two additional calculations is clearly consistant with the same constant used in Einstein's primary equation E=MC2. Additionally, the compound use of the same constaint, C2, makes its importance even more pervasive and profoundly signi
  14. Ewmon....Thank you for your reply. The phrase 'derivation of the equation' makes a lot of sense with regard to my question. My real thought is Why is this constent, C squared, the majic bullet that reveals the amount of energy that exists in a static mass? Second, and even possibly more abstract, HOW did Einstein determine that by squaring the value of the fastest known speed inthe universe was the constsant that was needed to unlock the key to the fact that enegry and static mass are eqaul? Here are the reasons I have such questions. The speed of light is the absolute known speed in o
  15. reply: I do understand that C squared is used as the constant in the equation; but my question is WHY must the speed of light number be squared in order for the formula to reveal that Energy = the static mass of an object?
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