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  1. This is my first post on this and i am not a qualified scientist but i came up with this theory about how time works which pretty much says that time doesn't exist. so here it goes... thins of it like a simple calculator, for the calculator there is no time, theories or explanations, there are just equations the calculator works out. Now, this calculator works these equations out at a certain speed can be seen as a part of time but if 'time' is seen as things happening in certain speeds and our feeling of time passing by is an illusion that is made by our body doing different things all the time such as breathing, cells reproducing, heart beating and so on. What i am trying to say is that if this theory is correct, 'time' doest exist and what we describe 'time' as is the speed and way in which things happen. for example, if the universe was completely empty, no stars no forces no waves nothing happening at all, it would be as if 'time' stopped because there would be nothing indicating 'time'. This theory also says that 'time travel' in theory would be possible but pointless and extremely hard because to go back in time you would need to reverse the actions of every single thing in existence which would mean you were never born and it wouldn't bring dead things back to life because they would be like a dead battery that can't be charged again. However, this theory also states that 'time travel' could also be applied to certain things and not the whole of existence because if time as a dimension does not exist, it does not affect everything together but rather only things that happen in certain speeds. basically what i am getting at is that 'time' does not exist and that our way of sensing 'time' is merely the speed at which things happen in our body so 'time' is replaced by speed. i hope this made scene and I doubt this is 100% correct but it is an interesting theory in my opinion and please feel free to message me or reply about it
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