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  1. And if extinct can it come back again or life was just an accidental.
  2. Thanks. Is this sensation and subjective experience same things.
  3. So say when orange is tasted for the first time, where did it hire the new sensation of its taste. Since tasting something only send electrical signal to the brain.
  4. "Nothing" is opposite of "Existence". Therefore, it is illogical and self-contradicting to state, "Nothing to exist" So, from this you can conclude that nothing cannot exist. Existence itself mean something, it cannot be mean "nothing". If there would be nothing, then existence itself wouldn't exist. Whatsoever there would always exist a ONE and not necessarily be with a second. Or in other word, there would always exist a ONE without a second. And this ONE is responsible for all the creation. The whole creation rest on this ONE.
  5. We receive touch, sight, taste, smell and sound physically to the brain. But what is it in the brain that create sensation for e.g sight, touch. Is the sensation due to something else . In other words is consciousness physical.
  6. I want to know, is there any difference between an natural organic molecule and an manmade organic molecule.
  7. Is the synthetic dna which is manmade, made organic just like the original dna? Thanks.
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