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  1. So basically scientists think this "dark matter" is what's pushing the universe to expand?
  2. From to pov of the clock on the planet (or whichever is the stationary one), it will seem that the moving clock would have slower time, so yeah i think the person moving with the clock would seem to be in slo-mo. However, that same person wouldn't feel any different because to him, time is moving normally.
  3. I know this may fall under the area of speculations but I just wanted to put this in relativity since it kinda has stuff to do with time. People say time travel (too the past at least) can never be achieved because it would mess up space time or because the universe will never let it, but what if we made distinct moments or places in time that allowed a person from the future to visit that moment without affecting anything. Would that work in allowing people from the future to visit their past (or our present).
  4. Since the universe is expanding, does that mean that the fabric of space-time is stretching or that more fabric is being made? Or am I just totally out of the ballpark?
  5. Can somebody explain to me why the universe is expanding? Or maybe just some speculations to why it's expanding. Putting the explanation in layman's terms would also be helpful. Thanks!
  6. "Whether or not it really is enough is beside the point." How can you FEEL safe enough when you don't know what ENOUGH is? And you are missing my point, when calamity, i.e. a disaster, strikes you are no other ignorant but aware and is entirely not my point. Okay lets play this out, you know that an asteroid is coming to wipe out the Earth and there's nothing you can do about it, what are you going to do next? Have you been absent for most of this forum? Go reread some of it and most of your questions have been addressed. If there was no one around, then who would have heard
  7. Well wouldn't not knowing a problem even existed beat the problem all together? Why live life worrying about every single outcome. Preparing for stuff that most likely will never happen. What is the definition of "safe enough"? Give me an example of "safe enough" and I promise you I can find a way around it. Your little example of an asteroid headed our way, do you really think the best thing to do is to tell 7 billion people that they are all going to die and there is nothing that they can do about it? Would it not be better to let them live what little time they had left in whatever bli
  8. The key phrase in my example was "but never found out about it". It may be a made up story but it contains a very real message. This is a novel of comparable literary merit and has been around for about 200 years and got up there for having a story that related to human society even back when it was published and up till this very day. If you don't agree then you can take it up with college board. If you feel ill you're certainly going to visit the doctor. Your argument only works if the person feels like they're dying but still doesn't go see a doctor. Even if this is the ca
  9. I agree that knowledge can be power but it can also be fatal. In Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, Victor Frankenstein acquires the knowledge to make a collage of various human parts come alive. This knowledge then proceeds to ruin his life. Knowledge about an issue is not always good. If you had a million dollars but you had no idea that you had it, would you really have a million dollars? Better yet if you were a million dollars in debt but never found out about it, would you actually be in debt?
  10. I think you are confusing ignorance with stupidity but I will argue that even if I somehow were to happen upon a bottle of antifreeze and just chugged it (because we all know that everybody in the entire world always drinks any type of liquid they find), for that brief moment I would be happy because it tasted so good. And the rest of my argument has already been made by the person above me, whom I thank. When people KNOW something it doesn't mean they're ignorant. It in fact means the total opposite of ignorance. Just because you don't know something doesn't mean you don't care about
  11. Wow sure got a lot of intense people on this forum. Sure there could be a God. God could be the randomness of the universe and how every outcome is due to the fact that the universe doesn't want to undo what it has already done. To those that said God is a superior being, what if it was? It all depends how you define the term "superior" for all we know it could just be a force that keeps everything going.
  12. "so space and time are different realities of the same thing" can you please elaborate on what that means?
  13. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "negating the effects of the white hole" but yes, I'm basically saying that a black hole is sucking in space-time. White holes are the things that push things out and black holes are the ones that pull stuff in. I'm saying that our universe is on the side of a white hole. We are expanding because space-time is coming out of that white hole. This space-time is coming from the white hole's other end, which is a black hole.
  14. I don't think space-time is neither matter nor energy. What I'm basically trying to say is that the white hole is spewing out space-time from the black hole's side.
  15. Hi, just out of curiosity I'd just like to know how people define the idea of a human soul.
  16. Well I might have used the wrong word to describe it. Lets just call it a speculation, will that make it better for you?
  17. Well I'm pretty certain that you know what black holes are, you know those giant things that suck anything that comes nearby and nothing can escape it? Well a white hole is where the items that get sucked exit out. It's like a black hole is the mouth of a vacuum and the white hole is the part of the vacuum that deposits everything into a bag. What this theory is saying is that the vacuum bag is actually our universe.
  18. Can somebody explain the Space Twin Paradox (the one where a twin goes into space and comes back younger than his/her other twin) in a simple, layman-like way? Thanks.
  19. If I didn't see it coming then I'm sure that death would have been quick and painless, therefore allowing me to die while on a nice stroll down a secluded area with my mind on nothing but my music.
  20. Religious men and women wear sunglasses, atheists and realists wear prescription ones. One large reason that atheists are atheists is because they just don't like how religion has affected human history and how it can turn any person into a bigoted a**hole.
  21. The people that believe to be smarter than ignorant people are just ignorant of others that are way smarter than themselves. Ignorance is bliss because what you don't know can't hurt you. It doesn't put a face on an overwhelming problem and it allows you to enjoy everything else. Being ignorant is not always a horrible thing, it can actually keep a person from worrying about every little detail of their lives.
  22. First of all time is not 3 dimensional, it exists in a 4th dimension called space-time. Secondly, time can be viewed in a number of ways, not just in one. Here are a couple. Time can represent the amount of decay ore chaos. One could argue that entropy is a measure of time because everything deteriorates and gets more chaotic as time passes because the universe loves to increase its entropy. Ergo time is just a measure of chaos. (This next segment is just my own wondering) This could also show how time started when the big bang occurred; first there was total-nothingness, then an exp
  23. So I came across this theory about why the universe is expanding and I wanted to run it by people to see what they think about it. According the the Vacuum Bag Theory, our universe is expanding because there is a gargantuan sized white hole somewhere in space (or maybe there's a bunch of them). As we all know, white holes are just the opposite ends of a black hole. Now the black hole that is on the other end of the white hole has run out of matter to suck through and now there's nothing left to suck but the very fabric of space-time and that is why our universe is still expanding. Jus
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