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  1. oh alright. Thanks a lot! also can you tell me which programming language is used to create a site like facebook, you know right from the layout to keeping track of all info. Both the front end and back end. also which language is good for making simulation games. Java? flash? or any other thanks!
  2. Which programming language is the sims social using? How did they integrate it with facebook. To create a sims like simulation a great engine is required. Does facebook provide the engine? or if not how does it work. I would appreaciate if someone helps me out. What i'm trying to do is to create a sims like game and upload it on a website. Thus which programming language should i use keeping in mind that it requires no installation on the users part but also keeping the level of graphics like sims.(similar). thanks!
  3. Is the creation of an A.I really possible. I mean can we really write an algorithm to define life? Even the self evolving algorithms lead to nothing more than a new database of what to say when or what to avoid when. What is it that we're missing? any ideas are welcomed. Put forward your theory on how it can be created.
  4. I like your ambition, but your statements speak of self obsession. Do stuff first and then show this pride. Actions speak louder than words. We all have that inner drive to pursue great things and become immortal in thought, but for that my friend we work hard. Let your work do this talking. Don't start comparisons with great men until you reach that level. I understand you completely, because i was like you some time ago, but i figured the drive to do greater things must be channeled properly. I wish you the best!
  5. sumit

    My theory about time

    you're saying gravity,light and time are not related, cos that's what i wrote?. And as for st Augustine's quote , its just a thought to ponder about, nothing to support my claims. So just overall, man i feel so sorry for you. I'm not sure if you're aware of the entropy (arrow of time), as one goes forward in time the entropy of an isolated system will increase. Hence, from one perspective, entropy measurement is a way of distinguishing the past from the future. So your theory saying nothing flows out of the present moment or out of it is completely wrong. Please read more about entropy before debating here cos i'm sure all you'll come up with are lame equations. Seriously those equations prove nothing. If you're in any way related to physics, please check your facts before replying. Again, i feel sorry for you
  6. sumit

    My theory about time

    Time is the continuous sequence of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.(wiki) We perceive time through events we see. Hence as soon as the "light" from those events reaches our eyes, we see them happening and changing. Where there is light, there is time. And we know that gravity distorts time. More the gravity, time slows down and less gravity, time speeds up. This is why inside a black hole , it is assumed that there is no time since the gravity is immense. Thus the union of time and gravity gives rise to the dimension of time( according to me). Time is something we're confined under. We cannot imagine a world beyond time. We are incapable of perceiving the VOID. interesting thought: Of these three divisions of time [past, present, and future], then how can two, the past and the future, be, when the past no longer is and the future is not yet? As for the present, if it were always present and never moved on to become the past, it would not be time but eternity. If, therefore, the present time is time only by reason of the fact that it moves on to become the past, how can we say that even the present is, when the reason why it is that it is not to be? In other words, we cannot rightly say that time is, except by reason of its impending state of not being. – St. Augustine; The Confessions, Book XI
  7. Alright. So is it possible to rotate the conductor perpendicular to the magnetic field first(mechanically), store the charge in a capacitor and then use the stored charge to move the conductor again and keep doing this on and on. PS- when the conductor is moved again the second time using the stored charge in the capacitor , no mechanical energy is used. Only the energy of the charge stored in the previous rotation(which was mechanical).
  8. Since motion in a magnetic field by a conductor produces electrical charge in the conductor, does the strength of magnetic field degrade over time if we keep the conductor in motion? IF no then does anything degrade or lose energy over time in this scenario other than the fact that I lose energy in moving the conductor.
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