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  1. why not we consider time just as a massurement tool and not relate it to any thing as directly propportional. my day is a lenght which i describe as 24 hours but but a turtle might feel it as 12 hours and thats why he lives like that. some of the lenghts we define as meters,inches, and so on but for an aunt my mile could pose as a light year. so a massuring tool shouldnt be given more respect then this . why cant we say if our earth stay static or i dont travel with it while moving in the orbit and also i slouldnt feel any atmospheric pressure on me so i might not even go OLD and not die. these constants arround me are killing me which i describe in time..
  2. thats what the medical science says but their could be other factors trigering new illnesses. I will just make it more easy that if we do a servay we can find very easly that the two people or set of people any where in the world with same chronic illnesses having some thing common in them, in their acts or in their thoughts...
  3. The DNA which carries the whole information about a human body could be partially changed. I m not posting the theory here but if it is workable, i could be contacted.. example: two brothers are born twin and one develop a desease.Both are having almost same food and same atmosphare, having same parents. why doctors cant assess one devlope a chronic illness cus normally they will ask you,did ur parents or in ur faimly any one has dibeties,means thats why you have it. Its not true but the whole medical science have followed the same road and never thought of the cause.. why too many fat people are in one city like london because they are having junk food so why the rest are good having same food. why people in afganistan have their food cooked in animal fats and they eat it dealy but still they are not obese are having no such condition trigered by high fat absorbtion. Did the first man on earth had all the illnesses thats why they are genetically transferred to us .. why the prayers work for one person and not effective for other during an ilness. why some people get cured from cancer and the rest develop it again and again and die from it... All this needs to be seen and many more examples in a diffrent way to understand how a human body works and what are the conditions which effects it and could they be rectified cus i still believe that DNA has all of it and if some of the changable information is changed, it could get us relieved from the condition.its not difficult but its just we never thought in that direction. their is a way to sort the human body out ,not with meditation but with exactly pointing out how we can cure it .. all the immune system and organs to work proper we take madicine but its not the cure. we can develope a way to eridicate the illness and will not have it again any where in the world and for every body and it will work.i dont want that any one justify it that i am wrong but i want to see it different this time. i will wait to get feed back and then on a right forum we discuss
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