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  1. i meant that only on the single person scale we don't run from predators we don't have to hunt our food we don't walk everywhere thus if you put a average person from say 3000 years ago and put him/her in a physical competition with an average person of todays time our participant would ultimately lose
  2. we are the dominant life form on the face of the planet every other species of animal could die but we would survive(although our diets would suffer) the question is not if the ecosystem would be hurt or even collapse( because that does not matter) it is only how bad it would "inconvenience" humanity to quote one of the many smiths in the matrix trilogy "there are levels of survival that we are willing to accept"
  3. most aquatic life to tell you the truth the only reson we are even worried about global warming is because of coastal cities
  4. now im just spit balling here but if we look at emotion as a biological function then it becomes clear to put it simply emotions are just chemical compounds within the brain that are activated by neurological pulses that then case neurological pulses in parts of the brain not normaly accessed with enough mental concentration one can activate these voluntarily (such as making yourself cry)
  5. simply put time is a constant. it does not have a "speed". time is a word created by man as a way to wrap their puny minds around the passage of their lives. as a word and concept created by man it is totally subject to each organisms own perceptions
  6. when i said we were more likely the product of probability i should have elaborated more probability would only have a real impact in an organism until some form of survival mechanism took hold, evolved into decision making, and eventually intelligent thought sorry for the confusion
  7. our perception is controlled by our body and our brain together to slow down your perception of time, you would have to speed up you body and your mind perminantly, this would put to much stress on the body and eventually cause death if you sped up your perception of time, you would have to slow down your body and your mind perminantly, this would put to much stress on the mind (though you would still be alive) you would go insane in about a month
  8. television can only be used to calibrate ones social interactions on the basest levels, simply be cause every humans reactions are different + the fact that no two situations are exactly alike this leaves us to calibrate our social interactions through the normal and time consuming process of trial and error this process must be repeated with every new human that we meet and can be stretched out over 20 years or compressed into a week the attraction of television is not that it calibrates our social interaction protocol(im not saying that it doesn't to some degree). the attraction to television is caused by the trance like state that television can induce as well as its informational uses(the trance allows us to put our brain on auto pilot and forget our worries, if only temporarily. the information stimulates our brain when we are alone with no human companionship to talk with)
  9. no there is a connection as our technology advances it takes less energy to survive examples:we are taller(we have better diets due to agricultural breakthroughs) our population is larger(we have become the dominant life form due to technology) we have no natural predators (we have transcended our place in the food chain to now be the virus that continuously rips it apart and re assembles it to fit our needs in a location)
  10. this is more philosophy then physics but its roots are in phisics and would not be understood by philosophers (if there are any true philosophers left) all organisms are fundamentally blind we can only see a certain spectrum of light we can only hear a certain spectrum of sound we can only feel objects that are large enough to be precevived in this way we can no longer say that everything is fine(awesome) because even if we are only talking about a 2 foot perimeter, we don't actually know whats going on in that perimeter thus i suggest that if the scientific community wishes to remane accurate, they should adopt a new phrase everything is fine(awesome), fundamentally please if your going to take hose last 2 lines seriously, don't post :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
  11. if you could move faster then light then yes you would see yourself(the light image of your self) but you would not have actually gone to another time you would only preceiv that you had in which case its not time travel its "time viewing"
  12. why would an element need to evolve it has no perdetors it needs no food we are more likely the product of probability in other words a mistake
  13. swansont is right i made the mistake of thinking that space and time were the same thing and im sorry even if it is a theory made on phalse pretences does it not make aleast alittle sence and solve atleast a few problems and if not im only 16
  14. einstien once theorized that if you had a powerful enough telescope you could see around the curvature of space and time to see yourself now maybe im taking his word too literally but i dont think that he would have used this comparison without taking into account the physical limitations of a telescope now since a telescopes sight can only see in the straight line that it is pointed in this implies that the curvature of space and time itself would curve this normally straight line the theory that you would actually see your self implies that the curved line would have come all the way around making it a loop taking the statement in this context it implies that the passage of time goes in a continuous loop if that is the case then theoretically the beginning and the end would have to touch at some point that means that the big bang would have been caused by our own universe imploding and compacting till it finally exploded and started over after that of course probability would take over till the next cycle but this would be looking at time as a two dimensional variable so i had to start thinking multidimensionality what if theoretically multiple time loops were covering, filling, and intersecting our own loop. something like a rubber band ball this theory of multidimensional physics makes the worm hole theory impossible considering the fact that to progress to a different place in time and space in our own loop we would have to rip through trillions of other dimensions now if theoretically there are an infinite number of alternate dimensions (in this case loops) not all of them would be the same length but at least some of them must be which means that they would have to intersect our own loop which would (and i know this is a totally different subject) explain the paranormal (to some degree). please comment on this theory as i do not know if it is theoretically possible.
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