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  1. Thank you, i can't take it off but i hope it break the air better ?
  2. Very very true, so fins are only way ? my rocket design http://img839.imageshack.us/img839/733/rocket1design.png can you tell me how big my fins shall be please ? and if its okay i use aluminium foil or kitty litter to make a nozzle. the dirham is a currency i got that fits in the tube exactly so will do the blocking, my rocket will not have a parachute.
  3. http://www.nakka-rocketry.net/fins.html So as i read and understood this, i have a question. If i empty half or a third of a rocket, the CG will go down and i will use the gravity to balance my rocket, is that possible ? im about to show u this picture where i thought that because 1 side of the rocket is empty, the other side will be pulled downwards acting same as the fins. or i think it might be even better, but the main disadvantage is that we can only use half of the rocket so the fuel we have is less. http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/4710/cpcg.png I was reading exghaust pressure and stuff and saw nozzle with 30 degree inward and 12 degree outward is best ? or im reading wrong thing ? so is it worth for me to do that with my nozzle ? if its true, i will melt a piece of metal to shape my nozzle.
  4. I finished the book well, because i understood the theory briefly before i read it, i can't understand the old theory that dominated the physics in 1800s the ether wind theory. So can some good people help me understand it ? I didn't really get the Mach's principle , ether wind theory, and in the book says so much how stuff can't travel faster or at speed of light, but a pair of huge scissors can because it is moving on a geometric point, i didn't get that. It was kind of confusing for me to read a English book because I'm Chinese. and last question, in the book it stated that in a space ship traveling at high speed, lets say 50% speed of c. lets say the ceiling and floor of the rocket is parallel, and a light bulb's from ceiling is going down strait. and reflect up. and it said 2 observer is different. The guy inside see a light go down and up | just like this, but someone out side not moving will see the light go like this \ and reflect up / Yes i understand because the space ship is moving at the same time, but it is because that the time is passing slower for him but the light is constant so this is possible or opposite ?
  5. Oh yes made my hydrogen generator finally ! Collected a bag already. Its very easy to make, you can google about it, if you don't understand something you can ask me.
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