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  1. Tammy Mancilla the things mainstream media won't show you

  2. Scott Ulanowski Kimberly Ulanowski

  3. I was reading a few articles about random quantum stuff I'd love to say theory or fact or something like that but it's more a hobby not a profession but one that seamed a bit interesting was the vacuum decay theory that the universe could basically just be destroyed by an excitement in the boson field that would realease the pent up potential energy from bosons and expand out at the speed of light "destroying" the universe so in that I have several questions (sorry for the grammar) What is vaccum decay? What is the boson field? Could vacuum decay actually be a fundamental driving force of the universe that explains relative time or am I missing some important information and this question is nonsense?(more specifically could everything be expanding at the speed of light at different relative rates and that be a product of the kinetic energy of the boson field from the Big Bang) More importantly though I just want a lesson on the in depth parts of boson physics if that's what it's called and don't know where to look for the "accurate" information about a science that seems to be quite fluid.
  4. Someone needs to make Facebook more like Netflix only suggest the stuff that I wanna see and not the drama

    1. Unity+


      It is humans who make something dramatic, not the entity itself. Though I do agree Facebook is taken too seriously.

  5. Ok looking in, time is slower the closer you get to the center of gravity of an object but I could be wrong about that
  6. Ok so what I'm gathering from that it pulls everything to the center until it gets there but because each individual particle has it's own mass and gravity the net gravitational pull is 0 in any direction because it is being pulled in every direction that makes sense but the question I ask now is gravitational relative change In time does that still apply just the same or is that essentially nullified
  7. warped space


    Ok I understand the subject of this topic is rather brief but that is irrelevant I have a question or possibly a topic for debate does gravity pull you towards the center of mass or does it pull you towards the object? Now what I mean by that is better explained with a hypothetical example. Ok so you have a ring the ring is about the width of earth and stretches in a perfect circle around the sun but for this example assume the sun is not there and that the only thing is the ring now with mass there is gravity that isn't the question the question is that will gravity pull you towards the center of the ring where there is no mass or will it pull you towards the ring itself
  8. The instability is what makes it work and yes they are small im saying if you produce large quantities of them cumulouesly would it cause a localized area to "slow down" if observed from somewhere outside of the stream of black holes and the short duration which they live for is what makes it unreasonably plausable
  9. Ok so its preaty well known that if you are moving extreamly fast relative time slows down depending on where you observe it from also time does the same when somthing are effected by gravitational mass so hypothetically could you bombard an object with microscopic black holes causing an area where they are passing through (in abundance) to stand still relative to the world around it?
  10. Say for instance earth is where youoh are observiby it from Say for instance earth is where youoh are observiby it from
  11. Say for instance earth is where youoh are observiby it from
  12. ok so say for instance you are being sucked into a black hole and matter and has an asymptote value of how close it can get to the speed of light and the change in relative time to the outside world assuming we can observe the inside of a black hole would matter literally slow down after it crosses the event horizon because the relative time is effected so much?
  13. I've seen the quantum locking stuff and have a fairly moderate understanding of how it works but on the quantum level how does energy flow through a wire and a superconductor how exactly is it different I'm asking this as in how does it flow on a quantum "level"
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