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  1. no offense or n e thing but u really are a loser, sorry to sayonara .
  2. funny that one of my posts were deleted Not from this thread they weren't, so quit whining. - Say. sorry... tried to delete this post but it seems the permissions rnt set to allow me to... :spam:
  3. thats all well and good, considering: - 1. How many Italian Convicts do u know that came too australia. 2. My parents came to australia in the 70's 3. We still have a house and residence in Italy. 4. I have both italian and australian citizenship. 5. well, im sure if i wanted to i could think of a 5, but atm cbf.
  4. hmmm, exept for the fact that i am caucasian, so, would that make me racist against myself.
  5. wake up and smell the coffee. racists . :lame:
  6. no because, comprimising isnt a two way street for the bush administration and they turned well away from the issues of our importance and wish us to jump on the banwagon in support of their hidden agenda.
  7. all i am saying is that the US should stop putting pressure on other countries. they can ask us once or twice to participate, but they should get the message and stop critisising, b!tching and pushing other countries into a war which they do not want to fight. Also, who are the US government to all of a sudden just butt into australian politics and try to make decisions on our behalf. That goes majorly to the american ambassador to australia, who should go bak to america. funny that. when Prime Minister Howard went to america to remotely discuss free trade to benefit both american and australian farmers, Bust turned right away from the discussion. So in my books the Bush Administration can go F@%k themselves up a tree. and perhaps if Bush so badly wants to kill sadam, maybe he should ask him for a 1 on 1 battle. rather than killing heaps of innocent civilians.
  8. all i am saying is that there are more than one cookie to crunch in this issue. america seems to be trying to form world dictatorship more and more every day. hmmm, lets say US Secretary of State = abuses forein members of the security council because they do not want to support them in a war. If AMERICA wants to go to war with Iraq. then fine, they can. But stop dragging other countries in there own personal issues with them. so GWB should jump on his OWN banwagon and go at it alone, and leave other countries out of it. And the WWI/WWII excuse is just pathetic. Hmmmm, lets see. WWI, the USA assisted for personal gain, SUPER HIGH INTEREST RATES ON LOANS TO THE ALLIES. Geeeze, just like the US...... After world war 1, it was US President Wilsons idea to start the league of nations... New President ellected and they didnt join. There is just to much chopping, changing and backflipping in american congress. And NOW the US government is trying to butt into australian politics and lashing out at our opposition party's to the govt. well they can just leave australia alone, and worry bout there own bloody issues and take their stupid american ambassador to australia with them... we dont want him or need him here.
  9. in-ter-net.... try emailing a university. however be sure to email the correct science department. im sure that they would be more than happy to help if u say u want to make the world a better place.... blah blah blah and u want to make people aware of pollution damage to frogs through a science experiment at school. sound like a hippy. that may be a problem tho, coz hipee's are dumb.
  10. ya and now the US is in debbbbbbbbbt :cool: :cool:
  11. back in the napoleanic times. I think we are all failing to grasp the meaning of this zazoo. 1. Israel + Palestinians isnt a holy war, it is a territorial dispute. i havnt got much time atm, but i will post 2 to 10 a bit later.
  12. Hmmm, that is not true. The UN has support of The combining nations which gives it it's authority. When the UN makes decisions, it makes them in agreeance with each member nations ambassadors. It is thus, the US that holds no real external jurisdiction over other nations, appart from its seat in the UN.
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