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    In the little time that I have made posts skye (and others) has taught me to double and triple check my posts. Thanks for the checking up on me I shall learn to check on my own from know on. Sorry still a little rusty
  2. as a side note to what 5614 was saying when lightning hits sand it turns it into glass so you get cool traces and wildlooking glass sculptures. They are called Fulgurites and is where the silicon is super heated to 2950oF and forms glassy SiO2.
  3. There is an interesting phenomena where people with temporal lobe seizures feel that they "experience god". Apparently the area of the brain that connects the emotional response to stimuli (not sure which part but don't think it involved lymbic system) is over stimulated and thus the person feels an undiscribable reaction of understanding to ordinary events and even objects. This happens right before the grand maul part (shaking) begins and the person blacks out for this. I watched an interview were an epileptic man told his father that even though his father had to go everywhere with him and supervise his life incase he had a seizure (for example couldn't drive a car, also his father had to watch him have a grand maul everytime, ect.) if there was an operation to cure him without any risk he would not take it. The feeling of "understanding" was too great and wonderful to let go.
  4. Sorry about the mis information. I guess I fell victum to my science teacher's propagand in order to learn Mendellian Genetics. Upon further review I conceed that it is a much more complex trait. If anyone is interested here is an article on it http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob=MImg&_imagekey=B6WM8-4CTCJD0-G-1&_cdi=6928&_orig=search&_coverDate=07%2F31%2F2004&_qd=1&_sk=999489998.8998&view=c&wchp=dGLbVlz-zSkzV&_acct=C000006878&_version=1&_userid=86629&md5=587f20ea033db2d714722b75a56525bc&ie=f.pdf
  5. Did they just drop the destinction of organelles vs no organelles? Also Maybe Skye can figure this out, I got to thinking and I know that there is a proton pump in the mitichondria for eukaryotes and I thought it played a part in TCA but how does the bacteria do it without this. Is it necessary? Sorry if is is elementry I haven't had TCA biochem in a long time.
  6. Just realized earlier post of mine was a waste. Now that I understand the question let me give it a try The translucentness of a diamond is due to the fact that the crystaline structure allows light to pass through it. The photons have a little bit of absorbtion by impurities in the Diamonds and this is what makes some diamonds different colors. The impurities absorb the wavelength and thus are seen to be that color. The light can transmit through the diamond because "the available electrons in the material which could absorb the visible photons have no available energy levels above them in the range of the quantum energies of visible photons." (Google Answers) See if this helps, Sorry about the last post
  7. flowthrough= the liquid that went out of your column while the substance of interest stayed bound to the column when you applied the starting liquid mixture normally after binding you wash a column to get rid of immurities wash fraction= the liquid that came out of the column as you were washing it. after washing you apply a elution buffer eluding fraction= what liquid came off the column as a result of the eluding buffer. this should have you substance of interest. You are probably collecting the different fractions to see if you lost alot of protein/dna/substance when you washed by testing wash fraction and to see if the column worked at all by testing flowthrough fraction.
  8. Well E.Coli is a prokaryote and does not have any organelles (mitochondria, golgi, lysosomes, ect.). However the line between pro and eukaryotes gets blurry the closer you get to it. Yeast for instance has organelles but is single celled thus is it pro or eukaryotic. Also as mentioned in the previous post it is hypothesized that mitochondria originally was a single celled organism that became codependent on being inside another host cell. Once that happened some of the DNA from the Mitochondria was put into the nucleus and lost from the Mitochondria. As the Mitochondira became elvolutionarily tethered to the host cell it lost its "sense of cellness" and was forever coupled to the host cell. The Mitochondria as can be seen today still has a fair amount of DNA of its own still. Even today their can be seen in some bacteria a symbiotic relationship of internal bacteria with its own DNA. The internal bacteria becomes relient on the host and thus setting up the same relationships. As far as the citric acid cylces goes, I don't know first hand but this paper looks like it will be good to answer your questions http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob=MImg&_imagekey=B6TD0-3WX1HP3-K-1&_cdi=5184&_orig=search&_coverDate=07%2F01%2F1999&_qd=1&_sk=999929992&view=c&wchp=dGLbVtb-zSkWA&_acct=C000006878&_version=1&_userid=86629&md5=ea50315211d5e7bad4d1ede83a437206&ie=f.pdf To answer the Mesomes question look at the intro to this paper. http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/picrender.fcgi?artid=249612&action=stream&blobtype=pdf
  9. NOVA (incase someone doesn't know) a National Public Television program show did a special on Diamonds. Here is a link with some good info on electricity and light waves with diamonds. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/diamond/sparkle.html Check out the link at the bottom of the page about "Diamonds in the sky" it is really interesting.
  10. Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach This is a surprising (and oddly funny) book about bodies donated to science and of those of wanted to be organ doners. Being latexed is the oddest. They infuse your body with latex so you will never decompose and then you are like a toys people can take out your organs and-- well you latex, so think of it as a big rubber toy. Also for the space people not such a good idea for everyone. The minerals in you body should go back to the earth. There are alot of people and eventually we need to make coal/oil/nutrients for the future peoples or for those fond of the thought... ALIENS.
  11. I wouldn't really consider the fact of lessening brain energy demand that does not sound wise, but I commend you on thinking outside the box. Actually there are some studies out there (haven't personally read them) that say that for sports it is best to try to clear the mind due to the fact that by consciously thinking about doing something it takes longer than a reflex action. Thus it is quicker to relax and reflexively catch a ball than it is to think consciously about catching it (like trying to project where it will go). There are also some studies where the participants ran fast when they thought about there muscles moving and the specific mechanics (CORRELATION not CAUSATION WARNING: this cannot be disassociated though with thier technique improving due to the thoughts). I would take both of these studies with a large grain of salt though. Test it out for yourself, go to a track run then meditate and run. There are alot of studies about medittation in sports one of the more interesting ones is where they tried to see if injured athletes would heal quicker with meditation and then focusing that on their injury. It did seem to help but it wasn't a "good" study since inorder for a control you would have to injure the athlete in the same place a second time and go without meditation. I don't think that that would be a good idea. The overall claim was that through meditation you stimulate the "mind" to tell the body to send more white blood cells and to stimulate the healing process. Also stress lowers the immune system (that is truely proven) and thus relaxing could help it. Hey, if you are just going for an outcome not proving HOW it works correlation is a good enough reason to try it. If Monks can alter there body temperatures then there is probably alot that the "mind" can do that we are just now getting around to studying.
  12. Well, I know that the more active a part of the brain is it uses more energy. This is how an FMRI (Functional Magnetic resonance Imaging) works. In short, It senses where the oxygen is being metabolized. For more info on it google would be by best bet. Synapse firing does take energy. As far as stressed and relaxed it is hard to say. It depends on the amount and place of the brain is being "used" at the moment. As a side note this is how they found that the brain is active during sleep, long ago they found that the brain is as active (sometimes more) during sleep. I am just thinking of other paradigns and it makes sense that the more active a brain is the higher the temp will be. However, this is well within the range of the bodies cooling abilities. Also think the blood around the head is fairly open to the surface for cooling; e.g. neck and ears. There are instances were the brian does run into problems. This is why you rush a person to the hospital if their fever get to be over 104 F since that is when brain cells start to overheat. Sometimes people say that when this is happening they start to hallucinate due to the brain damage (not sure on the specifics). Also swelling can occur and this can cause major problems.
  13. You just asked a question that took an entire semester for me to learn (in too many different animal models). The short of it is like skye said. The egg is polarized by where the sperm enter and from there on out think of it as friends (cells) telling their nieghbors what to do and how to do it through the mechanism of cellular signaling and gene pathways that will make anyone tired of memorizing.
  14. The gene for baldness is sex linked (on the X chromosome) thus you can only get it from your mother since, if you are male, you dad gave you a Y instead. So it comes from your mothers side. Since it is a recessive gene females can have baldness in old age (estogen protects this but after Menopause it goes away= old ladies can loose hair while young ones don't). So look at you mom if she is balding you are out of luck and look at your grandparents on your mother's side because you have one of their X's. Grandma could be a carrier (Xx)so don't count your chickens untill they don't go bald and grandpa could be (xY) but you could have grandma's good X. it should be noted that environment can play a huge role in it. Wearing hats doesn't help, having a gut doesn't help (hormones released will make you loose hair quicker), also STRESS is a huge factor (first hand knowledge)
  15. Sorry the exoskeleton of an ant that size would not support its weight, Also they aren't that good as swimming.
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