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  1. So when 13 year olds commit rape and violence they should be punished with a light spanking?
  2. You are a mad man. The age of criminal responsibility is 10 in the UK and some US states. Do you honestly think a 10 year old can consent to sex? You may as well propose that we don't have an age of consent at all, that we just permit all the 'consensual/hramless' sex between adults and children...
  3. What if he didn't trick her? What if the 14 year old seduced him? Or what if it was a younger, more attractive man? Do you honestly think every incident of child-adult sex involves coercion of some kind? If it's not socially acceptable why is it legal?
  4. In Europe the legal age for sex is really low - like 14 in Germany, Portugal, Italy and Austria. In Spain its 13!!!1 This means a 40 year old man can legally have sex with a 14 year old as long as it is consensual (without coercion etc). Does this mean the Europeans are pedophiles? Does it mean it's legal to be a pedophile in Europe?
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