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  1. Understood!! but how to calculate the drift speed???
  2. sorry!!i know that.i accidentally written that!!!
  3. Hello friends, I have been thinking that when chemical reaction take place sometimes colour change may happen as new substance are formed.So what in atomic level decide the color of substance.Does the color of substance are decided by electron,proton or any other atomic particles.If these particles really does decide color,then how???
  4. Well atoms contains a dense nucleus which contain protons and neutrons.Protons have positive charge while neutrons have negative charge. then there are electrons that revolve around the nucleus.The charge of atom is stable because of the balancing act of protons and electrons. all the properties of a particular substance depend upon the atomic number and electrons. electrons orbit in energy levels.
  5. Hello friends, Everyone knows relativity.But it is really hard to understand relativity. Can you friends help me in understanding relativity???
  6. Hello friends, I have heard that drift speed of electron is very slow.But my question is then how does bulb light instantly when we switch on??? And how did one calculate the drift speed of electron in a wire??
  7. Well why can't there be a possibility of colliding solar system?? Look at this example in a window there are so many spaces and there are some rims in a window.so spaces are more than objects.So we should tie our eyes and hit it with stone.Out of 100 tries 99 will fall in space and 1 will sometimes will hit that object.It can also happen that 100 tries and 100 did not hit that object.But there is a possibility that it will hit.
  8. No.i think you are wrong in that sense.You should read relativity book. IT is quite different from other forces.Gravity is experienced because space-time is cured.This curvature of space-time creates gravity.And what creates this curve??? Mass of objects!! This is what it is explained in theory of relativity. It is actually a part of general theory of relativity. that is how bigger mass have even more bigger gravity.. Now just imagine,if sun is going out of the the gravity.there are two possibilies: if sun moves, earth and other planets will move in unorthodox way around the sun. Second all planets will move in straight line not in the direction of sun.This is just like an example of a stone tied to a string.if you spin the stone while spinning,if string breaks,it will move in a direction tangent to the orbital motion. since you have assumed that second case will happen,think that sun moves,as soon as the sun moves,earth and other planets will move out of the gravity of the sun. you answer is wrong for earth and right for farthest planet. if sun moves,then gravity will shift first from fartest planet.then for sun's gravity to move away from the earth it will take 8 minutes because it is close to it. i think you have got my point. Actually this will not happen.I just said that this will happen because you told me to explain it in that case.Only first case will happen if sun moves even faster..
  9. well light does not get affected by gravity.But light gets affected by bending of space and time. There is a principle called least-time principle in which light always follow the least time to travel a distance.In our world straight line will take least time to reach a particular distance. in a medium light bends.In this also it follows least-time principle. Because when medium becomes dense least time to reach a distance will be bent line. So since sapce-time is curved,so to reach a perticular distance light would have to turn inorder to reach that distance in least-time!!! If you read relativity book written by albert einstein,you will understand it perfectly!! No one is dumb.You are intelligent.You jst don't know some information.That is all. All of them might have had these doubts and got cleared just like you !!!
  10. Hello friends, Milky way galaxy and Andromeda galaxy is going to collide after 4 billion years which may or may not destroy the solar system. I haven't got much information about this.So how did NASA predict this??
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