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  1. there is property of transisiton elements(d-block elements) called flourosence....the electrons in the d-orbital absorb a amount of energy from white light and excites to higher state...there due to unstability come back to original energy level thus realsing energy....here actually eletron releases colour complimentary to colour obsorbed from white light heres a colour wheel which shows the complimentry colour:http://www.chemguide.co.uk/inorganic/complexions/colourwheel.gif
  2. hi, whatz the structure of atom....can we see it through electron microscope?
  3. gravity always exists between any two bodies.....i think gravity is force which causes natural motion
  4. oh sure i will...thanks for suggestion
  5. ok thanks for answering everyone....compared to u guys i am a dumb a** ...
  6. then how come light bends due to gravity? and how light got sucked into black hole?
  7. from the day one i started doing science there is one unanswered question.... whether the light has mass? so anybody has a answer!!! is dat true light has mass in partical nature phenomena like compton effect,photo electric effect?
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