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  1. Thanks, i handed the work in last week
  2. Hi, ive just done a Anova on a set of data...ive got the results but i have no idea how to examine the data to get answers? can anybody help me? i have df,f and sig!!
  3. Note: References to plane tickets, confessions, divine intervention etc are not relevant.
  4. hi thanks for that! very useful ive heard that there was a documentary called Torso in the Thames: The Search for Adam's Killers. Shown on CH4 in the UK...im looking for it now, its about a young boy who was found in the River Thames in London...was nigerian and only the torso was found
  5. hi, im currently studying Biology in uni (final year) and we are doing a module called "forensic Biology, Archeaology and Geology". Anyway..... we have been asked to answer this question as an essay title ESSAY TITLE: A Nigerian man, newly arrived in the UK, was stabbed to death in a wood on the outskirts of Reading during August 2003. His body was moved immediately after death and was eventually recovered from a shallow grave on a moor close to Aberdeen in January 2004. Explain in detail the how the body would have been recovered from the soil and the nature of biological, geological etc analysis that would have enabled the above scenario to be established. Note: References to plane tickets, confessions, divine intervention etc are not relevant. Can anybody help or point me in the right direction?!?!
  6. sorry yes i forgot about them...yes fruit flys will also be used! with banana extract
  7. lol nah ive already started this...thanks neway ross
  8. yo people ive finally chosen what i want to do for my honours project! anoxia tolerance in insects! basically gonna get a few types of insects (undecided what species), and stick them in a air tight bag....oxygen will be depleted and increased levels of CO2 will occur........ ive got a few journals on previous studies and its very intresting....i shal be ordering the insects in (to my uni lab) for the experiment to commence! anybody have any idea of what type of insects i shuld use? i was thinking beetles and maybe larvae from beetles. what do u think i shuld test for etc? i am going to let the insects have oxygen after a set period of time and record mortalitys etc.. any advice or discussion is appreciated!
  9. Munchie

    Plant Biology

    right so if i grow radish....take away the Microrizae from the roots of it and study that...think that will b a good experiement? radish contains endomycorrhyzae meaning i would have to disect the plant root and observe the Microrizae under a light microscope... Bearing in mind this practical is on a timescale, radish is not a bad idea! its at Degree level science so a suitable plan of methods etc will have to be developed....i have no idea wat im actually going to do tho and the lit review of wat im going to do has to be in in under 1 month!!!
  10. Munchie

    Plant Biology

    Yes that could be possible...like increased amounts of pottasium for 1 plant and oxides for another etc?
  11. Munchie

    Plant Biology

    WOW! thanks for the replies! i think im going to actually do the practical on the pine 1 as uve put it in so much detail! what eqiupment, method and timescale do u think would be appropiate? this is for my honours project u see! have to have what im doing submitted within 1 month from today! ill do some background reading now but if u want to add me to msn i will be greatfull... i have a pine tree in my backgarden and i also live near formby woods so this project would be ideal! thanks mate! msn is mmalh0151@hotmail.com take care!
  12. Munchie

    Plant Biology

    What tests can be done to get the effects of mycorrizhae on plant roots..... any ideas?!i have a lab!
  13. lol....im gonna do it on the effects of mycorrizhae on plant roots.....wat tests culd i do on the plants do u reckon?
  14. hmmm...nah ! any other suggestions?! that i can actually do in the UK...
  15. hi im in JMU can u tell me in more detail the equipment needed and also how long to test the plants for? it has to be in quite soon u see....
  16. im doing Biology at uni....need to pick suttin that i have to actually do as a practical....and i have to pick suttin quick! i want to do it on insects or the effects of insects on plants etc. any ideas people?! noting that i have to actually do this practical in the next few weeks!!!!
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