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  1. Thanks very much for those comments, I shall take the advice on board!
  2. Hello, this is the first time I've posted on a forum so I'd really appreciate any advice anyone may have. I've almost completed a degree in biochemistry and chemistry and I am interested in doing a PhD studying MS. I generally get 1sts, although they're never the highest, but I feel I am a hard worker and I genuinly have a massive interest in this subject and would love a career in research if possible. My biggest concern is my relative lack of biochemistry lab experience and I don't know how much this may hinder me. Whilst I initially lacked confidence in chemistry labs during my degree, my final year chemistry project really boosted my confidence and I really enjoyed my project and would feel comfortable working in a chemistry lab now. I have already done a non-experimental project about MS and have a pretty good grasp (I think!) of the theory behind the disease. I wondered whether, with enough biochemistry lab experience over the summer I could develop good enough lab skills in this area to convince somebody I would be good enough to do a PhD. Thanks.
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