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    JPEG to DXF

    Hi all, I'm trying to figure out of its possible to draw something on Paint, save as JPEG. rastor, and convert to a vector, DXF, format? My goal is to draw something and CNC machine it. HAs anyone tried something similar?
  2. I'm using a current transformer (LEM APR 50 BIO) to measure current at inlet of machine. The transformer outputs voltage. I'm using a MYDAQ with LABview to read in and record data. I was just looking for advice on the setup? I've never used a MyDAQ or LABview before. Do I need a resistor, or how do I find the current? Thanks
  3. i have to silver plate some copper pendants. i was wondering does anyone have any experience with the equipment some companies are selling? or a way of building the electroplating cicuit myself?
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