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  1. I've bought stuff from them before. They have good prices.
  2. General Chemistry by Linus Pauling. Good in depth explanations of many chemistry topics. - http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0486656225/qid=1131063688/sr=8-1/ref=pd_bbs_1/103-3007256-0599005?v=glance&s=books&n=507846
  3. Very interesting. It's curious how ICl is similar to bromine.
  4. The lead will plate out first if you try electrolysis. It would probably be easier to precipitate it with HCl than to try and determine when it is all out of the solution.
  5. Oh boy, there's so many I could choose. Copper is great for its color and malleability and colorful compounds, Aluminum is great for its light weight, Zinc is fun for its castability and non-poisionousness (is that a word?).
  6. I'll bet there isn't any glue, or very little, it's probably just the magnet holding on for dear life. I'd take a pair of pliers and carefully pull it off.
  7. Heh, mine was off by about five miles.
  8. [math] \ce{MnO + H2SO4 -> MnSO4 + H2O} [/math] Cool, thanks for the guide.
  9. You'll like Chemistry, its very interesting to learn and even more fun to put to practical use
  10. How much formal chemistry education do you have? You could make a battery with all kinds of things (Iron Oxide and aluminum will work) The Aluminum will reduce the Iron Oxide, making Iron and Aluminum Oxide.
  11. If you can remove it and if it is a pure metal (no iron or other metals attached that cannot easily be removed), you could place it into a tank of water that is completely full, and collect the amount of water that is displaced out of the tank. Then, weigh the object, and the mass divided by the volume of water it displaced will be its density, which you can compare to the densities of Aluminum (2700kg/cubic meter) and Magnesium (1738 kg/cubic meter).
  12. No joke- http://images.similarminds.com/leader/5.jpg Einstein
  13. I have a silicon chunk, and it has a neat metallic blue color too.
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