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  1. At least someone may see a correlation between Revelation 17 and 18 and what i believe to be NYC/USA.
  2. Its standard terminology in genetics. The foundation of information science is source--->channel--->receiver. Source (DNA)--->channel (mRNA/codons)--->receiver (polypeptide/ribosome). So genetic drift, speciation, gene flow, change in allele frequency all generate NO new genetic information (no NEW nucleotides coming into being coding for NEW proteins-no new genetic information). Teachers omit this. The official myth says prokaryote--->every living thing on the planet. There is no source of BULK amounts of NEW genetic information. Such a claim is purely religious in nature a
  3. Racemic. What configuration are proteins in living things? Not a single dipeptide. What is the average polypeptide length in mankind?
  4. OMG READ WHAT I WROTE WORD FOR WORD AND USE SOME COMMON SENSE. Sickle cell trait- NO NEW GENETIC INFORMATION IS ADDED. A protein gets DESTROYED A LITTLE. There is a REDUCTION in genetic information. As witnessed by someone homozygous for it. Sickle cell trait IS a showcase of 'evolution' in action IF 'evolution' means mutation, change in allele frequency and the mechanism by which that may happen (natural selection). Bait and switch. I put an advertisement in the newspaper showing a brand new Mercedes Benz 2012 model and say $1,000. Someone gets to my house to buy the car and i present the
  5. Ah k, yeh was thinking things like blue shift/red shift. Will go again.
  6. If every deleterious mutation was 'selected' out....mankind would be extinct! Selection can only act on the phenotype as a whole. Either or, 0 or 1. It stays or it goes. It CANT go round sleuthing out individual nucleotides. John Cuthber yes exactly, all those guys are evolutionary population geneticists, even though they have shown mutations are building up, they still believe mankind shares a common ancestor with chimpanzees and that mutations (mistakes) built billions of functionally sequenced nucleotides. I(obv) do not subscribe to the same faith as them. Sanford has another lecture o
  7. One of them is just an analysis of neodarwinian theory by a surgeon that i liked. Again John Sanford in his book has looked at all of these and more and put them into a model with very conservative estimates and the outcome is the same both times. He has a 6 min talk on youtube on it titled ' Numerical simulation predicts human extinction!'. mutation rate Haldane.pdf Kandarhov mUtations.pdf Kandrashov mutations.pdf 25_1_Kuhn.pdf
  8. Hey So 5 people, 5 different colours, but someone may be able to see 3 blue marks????
  9. Well some of the verses i have underlined signify the city/nation being described is a city/nation of seemingly significant commerce. Pay close attention to them, then the stats on country/cities. Revelation 17:9 'And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.' What is the capital of the world essentially? It is underlined. What is the symbol of the capital of the world? Hmmm. Anymore and it makes it too easy for someone. Its all there if someone wants to go through it.
  10. I am constantly disappointed at the complete lack of scientific intelligence and ability to think critically/utter gullibility/retardedness of atheists. Strawman? Your an IDIOT. I mean selection can do nothing to curb decay, hence why it follows that sentence. Buy one of those books if you want to unbrainwash. Sanfords model is on YouTube if anyone cares. This forum is retarded. Am awaiting any INTELLIGENT responses
  11. I mean biology teachers at universities. They (and all other evolutionary biology evangelists) use the word 'evolution' to describe gene flow, genetic drift, speciation, descent with modification (all of which generate no new genetic information) but they all so use it in the context of prokaryote-->every living thing on the planet. They bait and switch and dont tell the students. The students then may be indoctrinated that those above mechansims are sufficient for the alleged prokaryote-->every living thing on the planet process. Sickle cell trait and other similar mutations that are L
  12. Thanks for your reply on A.T.P. Heterozygotes for sickle cell- there is a REDUCTION in functionality and then yes, depending on the environment is said to be 'beneficial' yields a selective advantage (Africa, Malaria). One cant gain something by losing/destroying something a little bit a little but at a time, so it has nothing to do with the putative origin of a genome from non living matter, through natural processes. Teachers omit this. Re that book, i will add an addendum, i recommend it for those interested in science and NOT clinging to religious dogma (atheism).
  13. If one reads it word for word (even atheists *maybe*) 2-3 times i believe they may what i see. A clear correlation between scripture and real world data.
  14. Take tons of lipids, phosphatidyl choline/inositol to restore the myelin sheath of nervous system cells.
  15. "HIV" is a myth. Thabo Mbeki knew it, he knew his people were/are being targeted so to speak. Kary Mullis has a good 18:32 interview on youtube about it. Beri beri, pellagra, scurvy, once upon a time these were infectious diseases. Peter Duesbergs 'Inventing the Aids virus' covers it. He was approached with a paper with a slot for him to sign saying Koch's postulates has been met for it. The guy was having dinner with the editor of the journal 'Nature' that evening and said the paper would be published within the week if he signed it. He didnt sign it.
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