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  1. I didn't 'twist' anything. The fact that it seems to coincide with Evolutionary Theory has nothing to do with me, and I'm not 'making it' mean anything. That's just what the book says. IMO that you just don't want what the book claims to accurately coincide with the Evolutionary fossil record, as that would imply there's something to it. Only in your own minds.
  2. Because a poster one this board wished to contend that the Biblical account of the origins of life cannot coincide with Evolutionary Theory. I was merely setting him straight.
  3. Okay. Now can you explain how several distinct personalities with divine power can produce a single, smoothly operating system, such as the earth's water cycle? Wouldn't each divine personality influence the cycle in its own prefered way, causing something akin to chaos? Including atheists. You seem to forget your own ad hominem that provoked my response. Let me refresh your memory. "Your ability, or lack thereof, to deduce via any thought process or logic..... " You're quoting the wrong verse. Verse 20 refers to the first terrestial vertebrates, but you're quoting verse 24, whic
  4. I feel I ought to apologize, as I've been having you on the whole time. You started off with the mistaken idea that Genesis contends that birds pre-date terrestial vertebrates---I knew as soon as I read your post that this was mistaken, but the study of the evolution of birds is a personal interest of mine, so I sort of tailored my responses to guide the discussion along that line of thought. Genesis actually says that "the waters brought forth creeping creatures having life"----(amphibians, dinosaurs, and other things that can "creep" rather than swim) BEFORE birds were created. Philosop
  5. You didn't actually contest my rationale for believing that the existance of multiple gods is unlikely, you simply accused me of being biased and using a "double standard." However if you believe you can disprove my arguments against polytheism, then I'll listen to what you have to say. Why 'should' we assume that the physical universe has no cause? Everything within the physical universe requires a cause, so what's the rationale for making even a vague assumption that the universe does not? It's counter-intuitive.
  6. Hardly. How is refering to a birdlike creature as a bird a stretch by any means? Particularly since many Archosaur reptiles are thought to have had such markedly birdlike features as beaks and even feathers.
  7. To quote one mentioned on this thread(by an atheist), "atheists just assert that a universe might be able to exist without a real causal agent." No. No one said that. What I said was that the reptilian proto-birds that existed during the time of the dinosaurs possibly pre-dated the sub-group of mammal-like reptiles, the Synapsida, from which modern mammals are descended--- and the Evolutionary chart provided by Arete would seem to confirm this, as the Diapsida reptiles from which birds are descended clearly appear slightly earlier on the chart than the Synapsida. If
  8. That doesn't really explain anything unless we know the basic bodily structure of the ancesteral amniote. That is, was it closer in appearence to a Diapsida a Synapsid? Is the mammalian body structure the result of a mutation of a basic birdlike body structure, or was the birdlike body structure the result of a mutation of a basic mammalian body structure? What came first, the amniote or the egg?
  9. But neither are they in possesson of what might be called a conscious mind. The statement I made earlier still holds as about 80% accurate. Can fish plan for tommorrow? No. Can a fish concieve of anything other than the watery world in which it is placed? No. Can a fish recollect past experiences? Probably not. And yes, I do pay attention to the behaviors of animals. I live in a rural area and have been fortunate enough to observe the behavior of many animals.
  10. Yes, but there are sources of light other than the celestial bodies. The magma and molten rock upon which the earth's tetonic plates drift is luminescent with heat, for instance. No, simply the genetic line of the two-legged reptilian organisms from which birds are descended.
  11. Strawmen indeed. mississipichem would disagree with you there. He stated that "atheists just assert that a universe might be able to exist without a real causal agent"... an assertion which I reject as uncompellng and lacking in good evidence. And I don't believe anybody 'insinuated' anything about any 'atheist creation theory' at any point in our discussion. There are, however, 'Atheistic explanations for the origins of the physical universe,' which is, I believe, the term I've been using. And as I mentioned earlier, the Atheistic explanations for the origins of the physical un
  12. In other words, you're asking "How do you know that yours is the right God?" Not an unreasonable question. There are, after all literally thousands of religons in the world---what are the chances that the one I follow is the right one? That being said, IMO you can narrow it down a bit. I subscribe to the Socratian school of thought about Polytheism--- if there is such a thing as a Deity, than there is probably only one Deity. It would seem unlikely that multiple personalities could produce our smoothly fuctioning natural world, as each one would probably try to influence nature to its o
  13. Hold up right there. I believe you stated at one point that 'atheists just assert that a universe might be able to exist without a real causal agent' I feel that I must point out that there is absolutely zero objective evidence to support that assertion. I hesitate to call anyone broken, as we've all believed in baseless theories. However, I can state with confidence that the system of logic by which humans assert unsupported theories as probable truth is broken indeed. It's a classic instance where the proponents of certain philosophy denounce their rival's ideas as unfounded whilst offeri
  14. I've got a fairly well-known example for you. http://catholiceduca...ion/re0447.html To give a bit of backround: the subject is a purportedly miraculous 16th century artifact called the 'Tilma of Guadalupe'. I'll spare you the old story about where this thing came from (you can read it for yourself anyway) And instead stick to the pertinent facts. 1: The object in question is an indigenious Mexican cloak from the 1500s, with an image of a woman, obstensibly Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ imprinted on the front. 2: The object is made from maguey cactus fiber, a material that begins t
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