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  1. hum...but, if we found a proof of the graviton's existence, this should be in contradiction with general relativity, isn't it? Or these two theories could be both valid due to there mathematical equivalence?
  2. Thanks, it helps. I also just saw, for my second question about the graviton, that the stress-energy tensor is linked with the graviton. So, I will try to understand what is a tensor^^.
  3. okay, but my question is more about the deformation of space-time. Does an object with a high kinetic energy modify the geometry of space-time, thus create a gravitational effect bigger than the same object without kinetic energy?
  4. Hi guys! Before i begin, i apologize for my language, english is not my first language. After an introduction to the special theory of relativity during my mechanical engineering studies, i started to read some stuff about the general one. What i read was that energy deform the space-time continuum and that this property of the geometry of the space-time continuum was the new explanation pour the gravity instead of the concept of "gravitational force" that introduces Newton. Then, I asked myself the following question: According to the equation of einstein that link mass and energy, i though that the kinetic energy of a car going at a very high speed, let say 99.9c, could deform the space-time due to its enormous energy and then increase it's gravity effect around it. So I suppose if I was near this car, i would be attract actually by the car! Is it correct to interpret this experience like this? I also have a second question: I heard that we were looking (well, the physicians) for particles which were "the vector"(i really have no idea about the word i should use about that...) of forces. I also heard that there were looking about the graviton, which should the particle that "create" gravity. But, why? I mean, if the gravity is a geometry result of the space-time, then it should not be a force like the nuclear forces for example, no? Already thanks for the answers!
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