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  1. i havent got any farther too any help guys?
  2. well count the number of each letters and wich is the highest number should be E cause E is the most common letter in english so from E you go on and on to the less common letters,when they have the same number then you need do experiment or test i have a good program for this,ill try to find where i got it. this is as far as i could og gotten without experimenting: BJGWEXWAGUGDKXANBUMSPPDXTGSQSUAUGDKXXFCNCDSX __a___e___a_a__e__________e_a_______a___ee______e and the code is B2 J1 G5 W2 E1 X6 A3 U4 D4 K2 N2 M1 S4 P2 T1 F1 C2 also it may be a ceaser chypher this is what i got with ceasers:nothing that could mean anything
  3. i had the sound on and then BOW i got scared to death and ran outa the room
  4. hello geniuses and not so geniuses,i would like some help with a cryptogram i can not solve and im very bad at cryptograms. SAT TARY UV MIGLI UL PAUN ST heres also a poem that comes with it: MY LATIN I HOLD DEAR, OF LETTERS I HAVE TEN, BUT MAY I NEVER SEE NOR HEAR, THOSE CHERISHED WORDS AGAIN. PLEASE HELP ME ON THIS 1 I REALY CANT CRACK IT.
  5. i made it,i completed the ame(yes after 2 long months of working day and day(not always)i did it
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