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  1. 0k. Now i'm beginning to understand a little bit more about how to write algorithms in Matlab, but i still gonna need more reading. Schröedinger's hat, what do you mean by saying "Matlab is an interpreted lenguage"? I was familiar with some fortran programming back in the university days, so i understand what the compiler does but, what is a JIT compiler?
  2. First of all, thank you guys for the answers. I´ve been busy with this same work, that is why i haven´t checked your replies to this post before. Sorry I didn't come earlier. With respect to Cap'n Refsmmat question, I guess not. The routine I wrote goes step by step because, in every step, it generates the data that the next step will require. That is why I can't make use of parallelization I suppose. But I still don't see why can't Matlab use more memory. Ain't the next statement true?: "more memory I get, faster the calculation proccess will be". Answer to ecoli: I'm not sure. I was studing that idea when for other reasons i have to make some changes to part of the algorithm. Remember what I say before about the routine: "it cannot be simpler than already is". Well, to my surprise, yes it can. Reading the Matlab help files, I found out that there were some functions that came along with the program which does most of the work I wrote by my own. So for the sake of simplicity, I replace the vast majority of the routine by a few lines. There's always room for improvement. To khaled: I've tried n°1, doesn't seem to make a difference. With respect to n°2, I'm on my way to studying it along with StackOverflow thing. Thank you for the info. After I simplify the code, it starts coming to a solution really fast. My guess is that the previous routine uses so many variables that were define at the moment of being use that it slows the whole chain of calculations. Most likely, the implicitly define functions that come with the Matlab code make a better use of the memory assignation to the program variables. Thanks again for the comments and the information.
  3. Hello. This is my first post. My english might be a little bit rusty, but i'll do my best to express what is troubling me. As I write this words, my computer is running a Matlab routine searching for the solution to n x n sistem of equations. This routine is supossed to deliver a solution vector which I need in order to go on with my Final Project so as to receive my degree in Material Engineering. However, Matlab ain't using all the resources the machine can give. For instance, out of the 24 threads, only one is being full solicitated. The same goes on for the RAM memory, only a 17% is being used. So the question is, is there a way to boost Matlab? How can I assig more resources to Matlab? Actually, the routine I´m running uses the concept of error function and tries to minimize its value regarding a collection of data sets. The whole process has lots of iterations and symbolic calculus which I´ve test with a simpler problem taken from a textbook example. I know the routine is 0K, and no, it cannot be simpler than already is. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to express myself. I won´t have any problems in shearing the code for the routine if any of you want/need it.
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