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  1. Thank you, I haven't heard anything before Is it to much to ask you if they ought to have tried/done it. It's so essential and it would be a necessity. Do you think 9your gut feelings) it's technogy issues or economics ? (and also mobile phone to be sold with two batteries, but going from the empty one to the next without burden)
  2. I don't like this Let's have more faith to tech (and science if any research must be done). Who wouldn't want to see this ?
  3. Could someone possibly elaborate on the possibility of using very many 'smaller' batteries on telephones, laptops etc, assembled as one package off course, than using one, as they do now. Charging them in parallel they would recharge in a minute then using them appropriately to feed the circuit, like in series for example.
  4. Although there's nothing to change my opinion, I APPLAUD TO THIS for its content, very general but relevant.
  5. What all these engineering schools are doing in educating engineers to carry on the great work that technology has done so far. Actually they have not changed the course they follow for decades, they only change some procedures of secondary importance but not of substance. Theory first for higher education, there is no question about it, only theory though in engineering education is half the work done. The subject chosen, manufacturing, is a sound example in my opinion. I believe that 90% of universities don't teach their students what really manufacturing is, because they don't send them to the factory floor to complement their theoretical knowledge and students can't "see" really from books processes that involve tools for plastics injection machines, presses etc. Some will work on them, so for a number of years they are still students. One could mention a lot more, but it's not proper, just one thing: Where are the famous optico-acoustical media to be used. (at least)
  6. Some time ago I saw articles, most probably from car manufacturers, describing the ideas/wishes of some, to use hydrogen as fuel for their internal combustion engines, if the economies turn to it as energy source and thus satisfy the environmental requirements. In my opinion it's not only the environment that has to be protected it's an economical matter too. Internal combustion engines can't get away of an overall efficiency in the low thirties while fuel cells climb to 80%. Huge difference. We understand how admirably the engine manufacturers have perfected them during the past 100 years or so, but they have to do the same with fuel cells and a lot faster, because technology now is many times more advanced in all respects.It is my humble opinion that now fuel cells are not developed by the best and the progress is very slow, if I'm not mistaken there isn't a fuel cell ready for reliable use after almost two decades of research and development.
  7. ABSOLUTELY WRONG Nice dream. Did you notice the word majority I mentioned. Along with exams ? P.S. Maybe some other time for more.
  8. I think testing students with exams and projects is the middle road. Maybe it can serve as an intermediate while going to complete transformation. I agree that doesn't have to be one or the other in an all or nothing manner, but only if the main judgment for the final recognition of acquired knowledge doesn't lead to: Please mention them for my enlightenment.
  9. Expressing an opinion, almost independently of what has been mentioned above, I would say that PhD entails in finding a cure for a disease. (to mention one research area that we all understand its importance) If one is even wondering if it's the proper path to follow, better not go. Needs dedication, the work is very demanding for most all PhDs and everybody have high expectations. This is almost the definition of pressure, only if they love what they do they overcome the side effects. PS. I accept that this is an almost ideal consideration, but so is PhD.
  10. The majority of students study for the exams and just before the exams. At the most they will do some homework during the term, if it counts significantly for the grade. (Most of the time though, only 10% in college.) This is not the best way to add knowledge, that is studying the day before the examinations under pressure, doesn't function very well for learning sufficiently in depth, we must admit. Wouldn't be better for learning, to continuously work on (creative) project assignments, (that require critical thinking) so studying will spread smoothly along the term, without being left for the day before the testing, with the main objective of studying to be: "Let's ' pass' the exam, nothing else counts now". In a way it will resemble open book exams but a lot more enhanced in the content requirements. You don't need to memorize, you need to comprehend, study with "critical" mind. When you go to work, you don't work with what you (forcibly) memorized (most all it's gone anyway) you can use among them only what you learned in depth how to use, and most importantly procedures to accomplish tasks for applications, not dates, unecessary names and formulas, all references/books will be available. Also very important is to learn how to work on the subject, and know how and where to find more, to be so aquanted with the subject, that'll be able to find your way around new knowledge on it, as required, without an instructor, (he's gone) But then how the system will be secured against cheating. Projects usually is work that require time and can't be done in class, can't keep the students in there for, say, two days, maybe hours at the most. Do the educational system designers and administrators, who grew up and excelled (that's why they were chosen for positions to dictate policy and decide for others) in this system, understand the subject and know so much more than us, for their judgment to be correct and conserve for a century (since education was spread to the masses) the general frame in education. In antiquity Plato, Aristotle and Euclid were teaching and testing their students differently in their academies.
  11. I DO NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING AS GIVEN. First the question is clear. The claim on the oddness of a possible experiment is unsubstantiated, why it would have been odd. Humanity don't know yet enough to explain VERY MANY things in the human organism. How do you conclude that it will not yield any meaningful insights. If it was, everybody and you would know the proof referring to books or at least published scientific papers. Oddness In a totally unrelated matter but with a common quantity mass, look what strange, odd things were discovered when people researched odd and offbeat things : Physics - Focus: The Case of the Disappearing Mass https://physics.aps.org/story/v19/st1 I don't say anything but I wish I see how they study the subject if they did, and most probably they would have. When I have time I will search the www to see if there is anything more than Sentorio case, and I mean MORE. Kiplngram: I don't know anything about animals but I happend somehow to notice a young small cat feeding 5 (five) kitten which doubled their size in about one month. I was wondering where all this milk came from. (because they ate nothing else)
  12. DELAYED REPLY. This ought to have been written before your very last replies which I didn't read yet. Bender, doesn't the 8 to 3 ratio in Sentorio case (which seems to be not to bad for a start only) leaves a lot of room for investigation, and at the same time shows that people of knowledge have thoughts in the neiborhood of this subject matter.
  13. CharonY, please tell me, if I changed the word "waste out" with "everything out" would you answer the same way, and then "Gases only add if you e.g. weight the full lung." lets consider the subject 1 to 2 levels higher than this. Where science has reached now aided by technological innovation, measurments of the nature needed for this must be possible not to say easy. I am sorry but I think that we can leave entropy out for our subject matter. Bender I beleive it may not be so difficult, especially if it is done with the "simplest" of animals in glass tube. To me it's going to be the same. I hope this will not be considered as beeing different matter. It is the same subject matter, if you know what I mean.
  14. Does measured milk in, minus waste out, in newborn babies equals the increase of its weight. There must not be any conservation law violation. Are nitrogen, oxygen etc from air add-up. Any studies to treat this subject ?
  15. As neurons send signals through their axons and receive signals through their dendrites, its inner matter, which include genes must play a very important role in the exchange of ions at the synapses, for their strength and their very existence. The connections of neurons for the creation of circuits dictate behavior. Some say nature others nurture. ???? Huge subject in a few words. WHAT IS THE MATTER.
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