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  1. I'm trying to find 1.the latest known ancestor we have that looks more like a primitive monkey (or a new world monkey or a lemur or a sifaka or any monkey with a prehensile or non-prehensile tail, preferibly prehensile) than like a human ancestor... 2.I am also searching for the latest common ancestor of gibbons and humans, 3.the latest known common ancestor of gorilla and humans, 4.the latest known common ancestor of spider monkeys and humans, 5.the latest known common ancestor of chimpanzees and humans and 6.the latest known common ancestor of orangutans and humans, maybe 7.the latest known common ancestors of bili apes and humans too, and 8.the latest known common ancestors of bonobos and humans... That is at least 6 ancestors of humans and maybe 8 (I dont know what is the phylogenetic relationship of bili apes and chimpanzees and gorillas and I understand they may be a subespecies of chimp and I dont know if bonobos are a subespecies or chimp or a cousin species and if their latest common ancestors with humans are the same latest common ancestors between chimps and humans) I know these 6 or 8 species might technically not be already known by science so I'm refering only to known species as I have specified... Anyone knows? Wikipedia is not a good source because despite its use of good reference it still lack proper answer to these questions... and I acknowledge the first ancestor I am asking for might seem a subjective question because what is "more monkey than human" may seem arbitrary but I had an old time life book that claimed the bloodline is Pliopithecus-Proconsul-Dryopithecus-Ramapithecus-Australopithecus Afarensis-Australopithecus Africanus-Australopithecus Robustus-Australopithecus Boisei-Homo habilis, etc. But now I know many of these are not ancestors of humans and the Pliopithecus is not a human ancestor either (of these the one that feels the "looks more like a monkey than like a human ancestor is the Pliopithecus that looks like a gibbon or a spider monkey) although the book does acknowledge that some of these are actually cousins to humanity and admits that the pliopithecus is an ancestor of gibbons but it gives the impresion it is also an ancestor of humans and the other species I have named)
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