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  1. of course im trying it! i got about a gram of sodium i made and its not that hard 2 make Cl2 with HCl. What other ways do you have in mind?
  2. Is it possible to make salt NaCl by combining pure sodium and chlorine gas?
  3. what if i just let it naturally evaporate?
  4. if you place sodium in a container of water you will have a solution of sodium hydroxide right? and if you boil the water out will you have pure sodium hydroxide or will it evaporate along with the water? also could you make small amounts of sodium from molten sodium hydroxide with out an inert atmosphere (small like a few milligrams small) does anyone have a link of what molten sodium hydroxide looks like? http://www.sas.org/E-Bulletin/2001-10-05/chem/column.html This website makes making sodium seem easy is it really that simple? -thanks
  5. which will turn sodium hydroxide into sodium bicabonate
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