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  1. I understand that hyperventilation increases the rate of CO2 leaving the body causing the blood to become more basic. During anarobic exersize lactic acid is produced, so i was wondering if they have an affect each other if done at the same time? I have googled all sorts of things related and no luck.
  2. I appreciate you concern but i am competent with such things. I truly put safty first. I do have a welding mask and a safe ignition process. I have another question. Will a high frequency, high wattage arc ignite thermite easily?
  3. Thaks, after some wiki reseach and a balancing equation i can see it would ony produce rust, but thats fine. im going to do some welding on my dumbells i seam to have outgrown my old ones and i dont want to buy a new pair.
  4. I was wondering if iron(III) chloride will substitute the iron oxide used in thermite, if so could i produce it with sodium hypochlorite bleach?I have aluminium powder already so it wont be a problem. My idea here is to oxidise a package of steel wool with bleach, allow the iron(III) chloride to precipitate drain off the excess bleach, and rinse the precipitate a few times.
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