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  1. Thanks Man Got It One last query During my classes (while doing numericals), the i and j units are used then where is the k unit used? and what is the Z axis? is it used in 3D figures? PS How did you write "Theta" as a symbol?
  2. Understood Q)2 and Q1) didnt understand Answer to Q3 And finally..Why is resolving the vectors done???? But thanks for a reply
  3. I have a few doubts in Physics, mainly in Vectors and Scalars. I asked my professor for clarifications, but I ended up more confused. So here you go: (please note: this was my first "advanced" physics lecture, since i finished the 10th grade, so I may have some really basic doubts that do need clarifications) 1) How do I resolve vectors into X and Y components? (for applying component rule of addition) 2) What is a unit vector? 3)I did not understand this relation at all: x = i ^ ( the "^" is meant to go above "i") y = j^ (same as above) z = k ^ (same as above) C
  4. These things contain large amounts of aspartame, a non-sacharide sweetener which is commonly used in artificial sweeteners. They developed in such a way that they are as sweet as sugar but contain far less calories It is 180 times as sweet as sugar in typical concentrations, without the high energy value of sugar. Source: Wikipedia
  5. My List 1. Linkin Park 2. Breaking Benjamin 3. Nickelback 4. Mozart 5. Beethoven 6. Bach
  6. ^^ Agree with you 100% Fact is though Dharavi is the largest slum in Asia, you will be surprised to know that maximum no. of people there are self employed and make a decent living.. Some people believe that these residents are independant and are self sufficient in everything required to live a normal life, only their residences are a matter of misfortune besides property rates are pretty high in mumbai: since these people cant afford new homes,(Even though they have good incomes) they are pretty much left live in Dharavi PS: largest slum in the world is in Mexico City, North America
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