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  1. No, physics has hit the wall. Extreme art is the only solution. You can do it too. Metaphysical assignment can solve all problems and concepts. Instead of waiting for science to catch up, you all should assign right away, create your own matter, every pattern you see walking (trees, sidewalk anything) is a language with inifinitely mysterious meaninings and formulas. You can pull it off. You can really get away with it. Physics has hit a wall, it will become an extreme form of art. Why can't we execute the simplest things ? Institute for Advanced Study (NJ) should take n
  2. Yes you are right for the most part. Electrons at "core" don't even know how to generate random numbers. Then where do they write the numbers? Then how can any number be associated with any physical quantity , etc. Obviously, within the mainstream scientific community, no one would consider what I claim valid, and I completely accept this. But in the future, science will hit the wall and will turn into an art form, or the simulations of virtual reality will change everything, or even more when we change our mind circuits and generate completely new mental organizations, emotio
  3. ... saying things like "Random numbers don`t SEEM to exist" thereby implying Order and therefore RULES and LOGIC? THAT WILL HAVE TO BE BROKE IN A VERY RADICAL WAY LIKE ACCEPTING CONTRADICTIONS AS A HIGHER FORM OF REASONING! APE MAN TOBOR THE EIGHTH
  4. No, at the core, electrons are completely incomprehensible (not the laws they follow). How does electron know where it is ? etc. I don't need luck because I FORCE the solutions. I decide and create and invent all. That is the point. I have infinite power through metaphysical assignment. Example: Tires are particles because I decided this, my mind is made of a material I choose invent and force the mind to expand etc... APE TOBOR
  5. Yes but in other posts, I said contradictions is a higher form of reasoning. But, yes there are some problems. I think that within a "strict" scientific framework, randomness seems to be hard. Then exiting a "strict" scientific framework I can evaluate what it can possibly mean. TOBOR THE 8 MAN
  6. They are quite good, but I have read articles on the web where there is always a "ghost" of some slight correlation. The field is complex and involved but it seems that a simple problem of generating randomness is not simple at all. check out this and others on web: ;> http://random.mat.sbg.ac.at/tests/ Thus physics talks to us and tells us create extreme randomness, extreme art, bash engines adn create theory. (engines running with gas, and another run of accelator experiments without gas). APE TOBOR MAN
  7. NO. Because our explanations are limited, oyr mind is limited, only extreme art and fantasy can force our way out. Elementary particles are car tires (for example). TOBOR THE 8 MAN
  8. Yes, good approximations can be made. But random number generators that have no correlation at all, no conceivable pattern are very hard to make. They have been made using Quantum mechanics effects, and they seem to be "almost perfect". There is a really strange history on these random number generators; you will find web pages within the field of electronics. TOBOR IS THE EIGHTH APE
  9. No joke, we must use extreme art to get further in our investigations. We will hit a wall eventually if we do not. THE TOBOR APE
  10. At the center of any elementary particle, there can be no physical laws. How can any particle remain the same and know it ? how can any particle possibly exist ? This concludes that at their core, elementary particles have NO LOGIC, NO MATH, NO PHYSICAL LAWS. TOBOR APE
  11. Beware SETI (Search for extraterrestrial intelligence) researchers. Advanced civilizations may be undetectable. Such a civilization would learn how to modify their neural circuits, therefore changing all their mind structures. How information is organized, processed etc may be changed arbitrarily. This may create artificial emotions, sentiments mind states, superconsciousness etc. This internal universe may end up being mind boggling complex and interesting. The combinations are huge, each neuron may be a particle accelerator, chip, virtual reality etc. They would no lo
  12. You can imagine a universe that is constantly getting smaller in all directions by any degree (or larger) all proportionally so that you could never notice. Size is then infinite (although you can't demonstrate it). I developed a theory where we all live in 2 dimensions and the third is just a contraction in space (like video games show). Distance is just space getting smaller within 2 dimensions. TOBOR MAN 8
  13. I was reading about how hard it is to create random number generators. It is incredibile how we worship regularity so much when actually regularity is the rule of the universe and getting out of it is almost impossibly difficult. That is a message from physics, where instead of searching for simple and unified theories we should search and then create and force upon us ever increasing complex and difficult theories. I propose the grand explosion of theories as opposed to grand unified ones. The beauty then must lie in ever increasing complexity and difficulty of understan
  14. Is a solid state civilization feasable in the long run ? Humans evolve until they learn to modify their own minds, their mental circuits, their emotional circuits, the way information is organized. Then minds will be hooked up to computers and virtual realities and then trillions of solid state neurons, minds, computers will keep on evolving continously until it is completely uncomprehensible. A Solid state civilization. We observe according to the way our mind is organized and organizes information so what and how we observe and our theories and interactions with
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